Wednesday, 16 October 2013

House Doctor Dk - Optimism and Exuberance

House Doctor Dk gives a daily vitamin boost for a more stylish, more inspiring and more personal home. Believing in mixing up elements rather than matching them House Doctor brings a collection of  luxurious interior accessories and furnishings to help you create your own unique and personal space.

Established by three siblings; Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pederse, the family run interior design business boasts 35 passionate in house designers that are the resident House Doctors. Always with their fingers on the pulse, they have long been known as the trend leaders of the industry. Their renown relaxed and effortless style is seen in all of their effortlessly chic collections. 

With an emphasis on natural materials, wood, metal and glass House Doctor mix these timeless elements together with contrasting hues, neon brights and the luxurious shine of copper.

The latest collection draws inspiration from the optimism of the 1950's and 1960's. The exuberant dynamic shapes of the 1950's alongside the Scandinavian colour trend has since become a firm and timeless favourite of all interior designers.  The Scandinavian colour scheme's influence of nature and the modern cubic and curved forms of the 50's give beautiful contrast. The revolutionary 60's saw technological advances enabling flexible varieties in the design world, think polished metal, moulded shapes, sensual forms, heavy yet weightless. With colours inspired from India and the mediterranean we see deep green and coral. Together these elements explored give a relaxed sophisticated and effortless style. Timeless.

House Doctor has long been a firm favourite of our own interior style and we thought it about time to share it all with you. 

See the collection here

But a word of warning: House Doctor DK products are very habit forming and may cause rapid heartbeat - even in small doses.

 House Doctor DK available from Sisters Guild 

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