Monday, 12 July 2010

Little Sister of Sisters Guild

We have been busy behind the scenes making the Sisters Guild online boutique happen.  Our little ones are inspiring us along the way...and us sisters are keeping each other strong and sane (just about).

I could chat about the ins and outs of getting an online shop built and the lists of things involved in starting a business...but instead I shall talk about my sister, as that is really the start of the Sisters Guild story.

I feel it is important to celebrate this sister of mine who is now also my business partner (tee-hee aren't we getting serious in our 30's now sis!).  There are many possible chapters I could write in a book about my sister. It could end up being quite a soppy and sentimental gush of a book, but I'll save you from that.

This is just a snippet, a little insight into Carla, my sister:

Carla is the younger sister who has a tremendous talent for making things happen and giving an amazing amount of energy to the projects and people around her. She's capable of turning things around with just a few words, a gesture, a call and a moment where she gives her all.  Carla is here to inspire us.

These past 2 weeks Carla has been handling orders and deliveries for Sisters Guild (hurray, hurray we have stock!), planning and staging a 4 year olds' birthday party (more to come about the wonderland Carla created), packing to move house, and carrying out the everyday tasks of being a mum from dawn 'til dusk (and through the night sometimes). Riding through all of this Carla has the added emotion of it being the 'summer before her daughter starts school'. Yet she remains so, so...what's the word...chipper....sunny, upbeat, really, at the heart of Carla is a spirit that is just downright determined to do things in the best way possible, AND she does it with a smile and a giggle and a gesture of care to those around her.

So, today Carla is moving house, with the help of her mates and our mum.  I know it won't take long for Carla to unpack and make their new home into the most beautiful and reassuring family nest for her girls. That's what drives her.  To give her children an environment to thrive in.  She's a natural nest maker.  It was always Carla who furnished our childhood dens with the cushions and pretty things.  It was Carla who'd fill it with the singing, dancing and laughter, the grace and decorum too. The dolls and teddy bears had the finest things and the best tea parties you know!

That's why I know Sisters Guild is going to be a success - harnessing the ideas and the energy of my sister is a very good thing.  I am full of respect and admiration.  Thanks sis x