Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday Woo - It's A Big 'Small' World

We've adored the bunnies for as long as we've had children. Beginning with a little ballerina rattle and their first childhood companion in the form of a loveable bunny, and then growing up alongside their creative designs and ever so adorable characters...most recently falling in love with a certain fox!
Each year the collection goes from strength to strength as does the size of the collection we bring together here in the boutique. We just can't help it. You see its not just our children who adore it and spend countless hours in their little worlds with these bunnies, we adore it too and love to get pulled into the games where we live behind a little hilltop and every miniature piece is a delight.

Every day is a wonderful day for these bunnies and their families. There a cradles, beds, and cots, stoves, tables and chairs and of course a high chair for the smallest of them all. There are vintage styled cafe tables and chairs, changing tables and cabinets, swimsuits, bags, dresses and pyjamas. There are sisters and brothers, nephews, cousins, a whole family and all with that exquisite traditional Scandinavian style.

With the biggest online collection of Maileg there is a whole world to discover and a constant flurry of new pieces arriving. Perhaps you'll discover a new childhood companion, some new furniture for a bunnies home or a new outfit for a bunny to play in.

This is part of our Wednesday Woo collection. We also have other stories and features including our 'Monday Makery', 'I Spy' and 'The art of living'.
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