Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday Woo - The Squeaky Bunch

Rise and shine we're ready to play. Its time to start another day!
With the biggest online collection of Maileg there are mother mice, brother mice, daddy mice, sisters mice, ballerina mice, cowboy mice, clown mice, Red Indian mice and perhaps even a you mouse!
Tuck them up in a soft bed in their little matchbox , make them a home in their milk carton house,  introduce them into your world but watch out some of them can be pretty cheeky..... you'll need to be careful near the biscuits!
These little childhood companions are busy little adventurous creatures, scurrying around in their pretty clothes they live a wonderful life and make fantastic friends.
They love to travel too and delight in sleeping under the stars in their very own Tepee.

This is part of our Wednesday Woo collection. We also have other stories and features including our 'Monday Makery', 'I Spy' and 'The art of living'.
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