Friday, 11 May 2012

Once Upon A Week - Fulfilling A Dream

Do you remember your childhood dreams. Part fantasy, part reality. Did you follow them. Did you let them lead you to where you are now. Or did they get lost somewhere along the way to adulthood along with that magical view of the world that children seem to hold the key to, but let go of when the world enlarges. As though the same key no longer fits a locked door of latent ambition. Childhood contains that space in time where dreams can come true. A sanctuary of ambition as bright as the sunshine. It is where we write the first pages of our book. A book that has yet to be filled and every possibility lies before you. Chapters yet to be written and read. Adventures before us that will never end. Childhood dreams are our promises to our future.

For as long as I can remember Sessi (Sophia) has wanted to dance. She has an inherent elegance, an innate grace and an understanding of music that flows through her as she moves. Music spirits her every move and there is nothing more she likes to do than to dance. A delicate theatre of ballet courses through the house as she turns each song she hears into a story. She dreams of one day becoming a 'real' ballerina, a prima ballerina assoluta,  following in the steps of Margot Fonteyn de Arias and the brilliant few that followed.

Last weekend she was able to live one of her dreams as she danced on stage moments after and moments before the graduating students of the English National Ballet performed 'My First Sleeping Beauty'. I watched with goose pimpled skin and glittery eyes as the thrill of the lights, the scratched vinyl floor, the music, the red velveteen auditorium was absorbed as though she'd done it everyday of her life and she danced. With a rise en pointe that lifted her as though she were pulled to the sky, and a lift that gave her the ecstatic feeling that all ballerinas get to experience, a plie, a grand jete, pas de chat and a dozen pirouettes, there she was fulfilling her dream.

Even if next year her dreams change, if somewhere between child and adult she lets go of her most inner passion, even if she never becomes the vision of herself she see's right now. This was a day she fulfilled a dream, a wish came true and for 60 minutes she was a real ballerina.

Perhaps this is the best part of being a parent - those moments you see your child in the happiest here and nows of their lives. 
When they begin to write the pages of their book.

Childhood dreams change as we change. Sometimes we can see it happening. Other times they vanish without a trace. But if you turn back just a few pages, you'll see they're still there. A future promise is still in our future. Waiting to be woken.

I have a picture, a simple painting of me as a child only 3 years old, painted by a dear friend. It hangs to remind me of my first future promises. The me I hoped to become and a constant message to myself. 
Would the 3 year old girl be proud of the grown up girl now? 

Yes! She would. She is.

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