Thursday, 24 May 2012

Art of Living - Show Me Your World

Around the world by Julie Mercier
Julie Mercier

Blogging creates a global neighbourhood, an online community of ideas, inspiration, stories and experiences. Writing our own blog has let us be a part of this international community. We have learnt so much since we first began thanks to all of you, your blogs, your comments and your stories and we hope you have enjoyed stopping by to have a read of ours.
Now, we want to discover more! We want to create a map of local love, to share this with you and invite you to share yours with us as we go on a journey with a new weekly series: Around the world with You.

So let's make a map, an atlas of our favourite places, be it your favourite place to sit, a little unknown park, a place with a view, grannies garden, a museum, a shop window, a favourite cake shop you enjoy with your children. Whatever, wherever your favourite place is we want to pin it on our map. 

Share your favourite spot with us. Tell your story. Send us a picture. We will create a map of all the places we receive. Giving each one a weekly spot here where we share it with all of you. 

Spread the word. Tweet. Link to you blog. Blog this. Email to your friends. Put your place on the map. Oh and for those of you we already know....look out for your inbox we're emailing you now!

Email us your place to:

So, put your place upon the map and shout a big 'Hello'
Imagine all the people all the places we could know

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