Friday, 15 January 2016

Bobo Choses SS16 - Der Blaue Reiter

Each season Bobo Choses release a collection born with a story and characters of its own. A special, unique and meaningful collection. There are handmade illustrations alongside carefully selected materials like, textured raffia and indigo waffle, pointelle cotton and the softest denim we love. Founded in 2008 with the idea of creating a clothing brand that could speak to children in their own magical and passionate language. Bobo Choses core values are creativity, passion, honesty and always a sense of fun.

The story of the collection "Der Blaue Reiter" ( The blue rider) refers to a group of Russian and German artists united in a movement fundamental to expressionism. This group led by Kandinsky and Franz Marc shared a desire to express spiritual truths the symbolism of colour, the importance of spontaneity and intuition. It is the base of the inspiration and the story behind the SS16 collection by Bobo Choses.

The freedom of colour and expression bursts through the collection with prismatic colours and abstracted forms. A key piece of Kandinsky's work the, "blue rider" depicts a horse and rider , an apparent symbol for 'moving beyond realistic representation' and the horse a symbol or rebirth. Bobo Choses reflect this so brilliantly & playfully in the Spring collection resonating this idea with fresh spontaneous colour, vibrant imagination and playful shapes. Fauvist pears are seen alongside bohemian stripes and wonderful shapes take a Matisse-like expression whilst there are nods to Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and of course Vasily Kandinsky and Franz Marc. 

Inspiring, naturalistic, bright, colourful, and always imaginative Bobo Choses celebrate colour and  spirituality of this early movement in their, as always, intuitive way. They have once again delighted and surprised us with their latest collection, playful and imaginative and spontaneous. This is the magic of Bobo Choses. It is the brand that speaks the language children speak. 

Only a little longer to wait. Der Blaue Reiter Launches 19th January at 10 am GMT