Tuesday, 18 February 2014

An Indian Summer

With the new collection of ilovegorgeous Spring Summer 2014 we take a trip to the colourful spice markets of Rajasthan with the Indian Summer inspired collection. Imagine the swish of sari, the tinkle of silver bracelets, a pile of golden marigold flowers and an image of Ganesh - the God of new beginnings - with a pile of brightly coloured sweets, his favourite treat, offered up in tribute.

Bringing together the vibrancy and beauty, with a fairytale nod to the grandeur of the land of maharajas. We see beaded sleeve detail, eclectic displays of colour, swishing soft fabrics, delicate lace and shimmering silvers and golds. A wardrobe full of the zest and fun every girl dreams of.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Make A Little Love

Paper straws and washi tape arrows tutorial,     pretty flowers for the table picture inspiration,  

OK so the fringed LOVE letters don't have to be sticking out from the top of a giant homemade cake... out of a fresh croissant brought along with the morning newspaper says it just as well  better.  Fill the stick of dynamite with messages of memories we've shared along the way, and fill every jar, every jug with fresh flowers until there's no room to eat at the table, lets get the children to make little love puzzles for each other without the other knowing, lets wrap up secret gifts, things we've been hinting for for a long time and just because we love them.... but wrap them in painted X O 's paper. Because I love you everyday but today I want you you to know that THAT is the most important thing.

However you celebrate Valentines have a lovely one

Monday, 10 February 2014

Give A Little Love

Three little words; I love you. Though traditionally valentines day is reserved for romantic love I think its a great excuse to remind all those that we love how we feel.  Of course we like to go completely overboard, shouting it from the rooftops having valentines breakfasts, blowing up balloons and turning it a celebration. 

Give that someone, be it your partner, son, daughter, friend, mother father, sister (you get my drift) something to make them feel loved, be it balloons blown up to fill a room or sent ready to fly out of a box, a message in a bottle (the modern version with a selection of favourite photos or video saved to a memory card), favourite homemade goodies always say i love you, and flowers, be it paper, freshly cut or a potted something that can grow can never be wrong.

If you're looking for a card that holds the right sentiment for children perhaps rather than an 'I love you' card which might not necessarily mark the day as any different, write an invitation for something you love to do together. Filling the day with memories of all those things you love to do.
Give children a personalised packet of seeds wrapped up with pretty paper and a big bow. Something to plant that can be nurtured, that will grow, blossom and just like love grow bigger every day. 
Make something together there's lots of ideas to be found here and here and take a look at a few more ideas here
Here's a few of our favourites

No matter how you say it, make sure you do.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Geometric Love

With a love of geometric shapes we've been collecting our favourite finds of inspiration and printables so whether you're looking for party inspiration or perhaps, room decor, mobiles, gifts boxes or maybe to give someone a coloured diamond here's a host of ideas for your home, your friends and that special someone.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Geometric Walls

Evoking a sense of fun for kids and adults alike we've gone colour crazy for this magnetic wallpaper with a bold geometrical print.  Creating a feature in any room of the home, adding colour through shape and pattern bringing a jolt of life to any space with its colourful diamonds and triangles.  
Here's the science bit : the magnetic wallpaper is comprised of iron particles on a vinyl basis making it receptive to magnets. Simple yet genius.
Ideal for hanging drawings, notes and photographs the new designs of magnetic wallpaper are a stylish way to create your very own mood board at home; a daily keepsake of memories and treasured moments as well as favourite pictures and inspiring ideas. Not to mention the fun the kids would have creating their very own space for their treasures too.

Already in love with the chalkboard and animal print versions by the same Belgium label this new design has thrown my interior into a quandary. 

The wallpaper measures 25 inch (63 cm) by 104 inch (264 cm) and can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your room. Comes complete with hanging instructions and 8 geometric magnets.

Take a look here