Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Make A Little Love

Paper straws and washi tape arrows tutorial,     pretty flowers for the table picture inspiration,  

OK so the fringed LOVE letters don't have to be sticking out from the top of a giant homemade cake... out of a fresh croissant brought along with the morning newspaper says it just as well  better.  Fill the stick of dynamite with messages of memories we've shared along the way, and fill every jar, every jug with fresh flowers until there's no room to eat at the table, lets get the children to make little love puzzles for each other without the other knowing, lets wrap up secret gifts, things we've been hinting for for a long time and just because we love them.... but wrap them in painted X O 's paper. Because I love you everyday but today I want you you to know that THAT is the most important thing.

However you celebrate Valentines have a lovely one

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