Thursday, 30 May 2013


We simply can't get enough of these fun tissue paper honeycomb balls. Suitable for indoor and out their nostalgic beauty brighten parties, weddings and are wonderful as jolly all year round decorations in any room bringing joy and happiness lightening up a neutral space in a creative way.
Each colour ball is available in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and supersize and now the honeycomb mobile has arrived. The honeycomb mobile (top image) features 5 spheres hung from bamboo, it makes for a wonderful unique gift for baby and child as well as us grown ups too. 
So whether you want subtle splashes of colour or big displays of brights there's a colour and size for all.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Inspiring home of Camilla Ebdrup

Have you ever wondered what the home of creative designers look like. I do. I was so intrigued to see what the home of one of our favourite design team looks like and what inspires their space. These images of the home of Camilla Ebdrup - one half of Lucky Boy Sunday, her husband Andrea Stenmann and their son Sigurd shows a relaxed space with plenty of light, a mix of modern and vintage with some truely unique pieces that add to it's charm. An inspired and inspiring elysian family home where the individual personalities flourish with their own collections and style.

Take a look at more images over and read all about it here as well as discover where they find they style and inspiration. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Favourite Free Printables

Sometimes its the simple things that keep children busy and the best play are those times when their imagination can carry them off, where they can create their own games, their own rules and their own ideas flourish. Sometimes its pen and paper that bring out the best of play and a little paper play can go along way especially when its a wet and drizzly day. When I saw rain forecast for this week I knew i'd need some back-up, and I found it. Bundles of it. There are so many great free printables for children but this week it's these here that have become the firm favourites in our house.
This free printable above has been a huge hit in our house. This little character has had chicken pox and needed to drink 'cabbagesnail' potion, before all manner of illness's needed to be treated. Now there's a collection like a waiting room or an encyclopaedia of strange diseases stuck to the wall by Dr Oona who insists if you get green spots on your face its inevitable that broccoli grows on your tongue! 

We've yet to give these a try, though i've got them at the ready! Imagine all the games, the cutting the sticking, colouring and collecting possibilities. You can find all these beautiful and quirky printables here alongside much more. If like me you get hooked on the creations take a look at the etsy shop here. 

These oh so puuurfectly cute bookmarks is all it'll take to get my miniature bookworm wanting to curl up and read and with the note cards too she'll love to write her own ideas for her own story this half term.

But perhaps the biggest winner of all this week, and the most appropriate considering the weather, is this colourful remake of the never-fail-to please-game of snakes and ladders. who wouldn't want to slide along a rainbow towards the sunshine or trickle down with the rain. Not only has this been our new version of snakes and ladders but it didn't' take too long for all the characters to get a name and became a game where creatures live under rainbows and gather raindrops in baskets.

Discover mr prinatbles here and you'll discover an abundance of paper play fit for any age, and every day.

If you're still looking to discover more things to do, to create and ideas of play then don't forget our very own Monday Makery as well as our 'summer fun with sisters guild' - a list of 100 things to do indoors and out.

Happy Playing

Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday Makery - Storage Drums

I discovered these small round storage boxes for just £1 so of course I grabbed them and knew exactly what i'd to them too. With the half term beginning I knew we'd appreciate a new 'something' to create together and with the possibility for painting , glitter, and some new found storage for all those things the girls like to collect I thought this would be a winner for a rainy day activity.

Here's what you'll need:

  • round cardboard or papier mache boxes
  • paint & brush
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
Here's how:
  • Firstly you'll need to give the boxes their background colour if they're not already the colour you want. Paint the outer sides of the box as well as the outer rim of the lid and the lid top. We didn't paint the inside but of course feel free to decorate inside too.
  • Once the paint is dry you'll need to discover the measurements for your triangles. This is easy: measure the circumference of your box, i.e around the outer edge, divide this number by 8 which gives you the size of the triangle base. The circumference of one of my boxes was 42.5 cm, divided by 8 gave me 5.31cm. So I marked a small line at the top of the box every 5.3 cm.
  • Then to determine the measurement for your tip of the triangle divide that same number by 2 so, 5.31 divided by 2 is 2.65, now mark 2.65 cm (the exact centre of the triangle base) following each previously marked dot.
  • Draw a line from the dot to the base of your box and you'll discover the exact point for the tip of your triangle. From the bottom marker connect the outer two lined markers to create your perfect triangle shape.
  • for the edging: I used a reusable sticky tape from some I already had (MT tape) to tape around the bottom and the top of the box so I could draw my outline for the edges. I was then able to lift off the tape without upsetting the paint underneath and use it again for the next box. If your boxes are larger you may find that the measuring tape would provide a good device for measuring and marking the edges for the box.
  • Now paint your triangles and the edge lines.
  • Paint the outer side edge of lid and wait to dry.

If you would like to add a little more play to your boxes, add a string, rope or ribbon handle* and a couple of batons or wooden spoons for an instant drum kit. If like me here you can find different sized boxes you've got a mini drum kit waiting with different sounds from the bang of each drum!
I've not told the girls about this little aspect yet as they're now in busy organising, collecting and sorting mode. But I can't wait to let them in them in on it too!

*how to create a handle: using a hole punch or screwdriver make a hole in the side of the drum about an inch away from the top then make another on the exact oppsoite side. Thread your rope/string/ribbon from the outside in and tie a knot, using the same length of string thread again from the outside in and tie a knot. Pop on the lid and drum away!

Now i'm on the hunt for a larger set........

Happy Making 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Dream Home

 via & here

 via & here

 via & here

  via & here

 via & here

via and here

A dream home for everyone and a dream house for everything
Every home has its own unique style, bursting with character and full of our treasures.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Lucky Boy Sunday World

New pieces from Lucky Boy Sunday 

With more colours, soft sumptuous baby alpaca wool and unique creations
lucky boy sunday is a collection to admire, to covet, to embrace with its quirky edgy designs that thrill the imagination and leaves words hungering for poetry.

See the collection of friends, playthings, blankets, cushions, posters and cards in a lucky boy sunday world like a vision of a child's imaginings; a child who sees endless possibilities. It's a grown up version of a childs' reality; bridging the gap between the everyday and the unusual, the poetic and artistic sensibility. 

see the collection here

Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday Makery - Cloud Dough

What child doesn't like playing with sand. Moulding it, shaping it, tipping it, pouring it,  filling it into pots and jugs, and digging and scooping and sculpting.
If you don't live near a sandy beach you can create your own sand area with this great mouldable cloud dough otherwise known as moon-sand.
This simple recipe requires only 2 ingredients and ones you'll most likely already have in the house.

Here's what you'll need:
  • flour
  • baby oil
Here's how:
  1. Scoop 8 cups of flour into a large tub - a washing up bowl is great if not a big bucket an extra large salad bowl or mixing bowl.
  2. Add 1 cup of baby oil and mix it all up.

Create hours of fun in just five minutes with these simple ingredients. It's great sensory play and you could even add food colouring to create different colours if you wanted or even aromatherapy oils for different scents. 
Give children the space, the freedom to play and more importantly permission to get messy and let this simplest of easy to create environments stimulate and engage your child. Add glitter, colour, pots, empty clean containers like margarine pots, sieves and measuring cups, add magnets for a treasure hunt discovering things within the sand,  give the child brushes and a spoon for an archaeological dig to discover fossils (stones) or run toy cars through and have fun making tracks and patterns.
The possibilities are endless and what's more; so much fun.

Happy Making

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Making a Big Bright Splash with Project Jelly

The Ultimate summer shoe is back. Hands up who had a pair of these in the eighties? We certainly did, beautiful sparkly ones that were on our feet every step of the summer adventures. Worn as much around the playground, garden and fields beyond as they were on the pebbly beaches of our holidays.

We're thrilled that these are back in fashion and back on little feet albeit now our children's rather than ours. I'd happily give up being a grown up and hand over my car keys and mascara to be six years old and wearing these skipping about this summer.
With two delicious colours to choose from there's Watermelon Rocks, a bright cherry red with neon green sole, and, Raspberry Pink Mivi, a sparkly pink style shimmering with glitter.

These shoes look as good with tights and ankle socks as they do bare foot which is just dandy as we know once the kids get hold of these they'll never want to wear anything else.

An enterprise founded by Natalie Collier, the limited edition jellies are made by the original UK makers of the eighties jelly sandals, Juju Footwear. Waterproof, flexible and loved by kids there's no better reason to be donning a pair this summer. But, if you need a little encouragement then know that this is not only great British design but that it's also combined with a fundraising edge with 25% of the profits going to MENCAP, the charity for the voice of learning disability.

Project Jelly, let's get our jelly groove on!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Makery - Prize Pinboard

With another Birthday Party approaching and of course the girls wanting to stick to their love of all things circus we've had a weekend crafting for the preparations. We've been busy decorating party hats, and making yet another photobooth (pictures will come soon) along with all its masks.

We created this 'Prizes' board for the party but to make sure it lasts beyond the special day we created it so that it can be used as the girls own noticeboard that they can put pictures and postcards on, hang their invites and all those oh so special things that kids love!

Here's what you'll need:

  • cork-board / piece of light plywood. we up-cycled out kitchen one cork-board.
  • paint - spray paint is best.
  • wooden clothes pegs
  • glue
  • glitter
Here's the how:
  1. Spray paint the front of the board, if you want to create a pattern use masking tape to hide where you don't want the layer of paint to go. Leave to dry.
  2. Now for the pegs; brush one side of a peg with pva glue and sprinkle with glitter. Put to one side and continue with your other pegs. Leave to dry.
  3. Once both the cork-board and the glittery pegs are dry you can finish it off by adhering the pegs to the board. Use a good all purpose super glue, this board will get a lot of use and those pegs need to be firmly fixed.
it's ready to hang

Our prize bags will be filled with little jokes as well as sweets, temporary tattoo's, whistles and bouncing balls. 
I can't wait!

If you'd like to make a Photo Booth for yourself take a look here
For more circus party ideas take a look at our circus creative here
Look out for more party pics along with some great printables and ideas at the end of the week.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Askey Print Dolls - Creative Girls with a Voice

introducing; Afrah, Aapti, Zhen, Felicidad, Anna & Abeo

Create your own original screen-printed girl with these DIY set's from Askey Print. Learn about different cultures, different places around the world as well as an appreciation of how things are made.

No ordinary doll, this is a doll with a voice, a girl with a mission; spreading the word of The Girl Effect around the world each doll comes with an info card supporting sisters all over the world to find a powerful voice in their communities and effect real change where it counts.

Handmade and hand printed by London sisters, who, like us, have combined their skills and passion to create something original, something positive and something to celebrate.  We know you will celebrate with us when you discover AskeyPrint too.

AskeyPrint Dolls are a keepsake to treasure through childhood and one to be handed down to the next these doll's are a delight to make and give an appreciation of craft as well as time spent together.

Each pack includes 100% cotton fabric with original water based ink design screen printed by hand and when finished your doll will measure 33 cm tall. You don't need to have any special skills to create them but if you need a little help the instruction sheet comes with a link to an online video you can watch for tips and hints.
The pack also includes polyester stuffing but you could be different and try stuffing her with lavender and she'll smell as beautiful as she looks.

Young and old children will delight in the creative aspect, sharing a sense of pride of their own original and unique doll. Whether creating them by themselves or alongside a parent or older sibling made together she'll become a part of the family, a part of childhood memories and the beginning of new adventures.

Visit the collection here and decide who you'll bring to life.

send us your photo's via email, twitter or facebook and we'll pin them with your name alongside the dolls name.

And we look forward to more creations from the AskeyPrint sisters too...


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Baines & Fricker

fill them, stack them, hang them, mount them, love them.

With great design comes great versatility combine that with a great aesthetic and you've got the perfect recipe for fabulously designed interiors. We couldn't wait to get our hands on this brilliant revival of the classic fruit crate, and now we're happy to announce that the Baines & Fricker fruit crate is now in the boutique showing off one of Britain's great creative talents.

Brighton based Baines & Fricker are a husband and wife team bringing creative, innovative products to the design market. Snapped up by the likes of Liberty and Paul Smith their unique designs and individual stamp are being appreciated and are already having a big influence on how we choose to style our interior space.

It is no wonder that Steve Baines and Eliza Fricker's collaboration is such a great success; Baines has has a background in furniture making and Fricker illustration and screen-printing.  Together their utilitarian approach to design influenced by a wide range of elements; early modernist through to post war utility furniture, industrial architecture and the even the more mundane and everyday such as street signs, their inspiration is full of the often overlooked aspects of our heritage. They believe that things for the home should have longevity and they use this philosophy when creating their pieces, keeping British heritage at the heart of it all.

Taking on the fruit crate using strong lines and saturated colour these 'nutility' pieces are made with birch ply sourced in the UK and made in their workshop on the south coast of England.

The fruit crates are brilliantly versatile you can use them in as many ways as you'll find things to store inside. Used for storage in any room in the house you can sort them into existing shelves, stack them up or mount them on the wall. 

get your hands on them here