Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday Makery - Storage Drums

I discovered these small round storage boxes for just £1 so of course I grabbed them and knew exactly what i'd to them too. With the half term beginning I knew we'd appreciate a new 'something' to create together and with the possibility for painting , glitter, and some new found storage for all those things the girls like to collect I thought this would be a winner for a rainy day activity.

Here's what you'll need:

  • round cardboard or papier mache boxes
  • paint & brush
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
Here's how:
  • Firstly you'll need to give the boxes their background colour if they're not already the colour you want. Paint the outer sides of the box as well as the outer rim of the lid and the lid top. We didn't paint the inside but of course feel free to decorate inside too.
  • Once the paint is dry you'll need to discover the measurements for your triangles. This is easy: measure the circumference of your box, i.e around the outer edge, divide this number by 8 which gives you the size of the triangle base. The circumference of one of my boxes was 42.5 cm, divided by 8 gave me 5.31cm. So I marked a small line at the top of the box every 5.3 cm.
  • Then to determine the measurement for your tip of the triangle divide that same number by 2 so, 5.31 divided by 2 is 2.65, now mark 2.65 cm (the exact centre of the triangle base) following each previously marked dot.
  • Draw a line from the dot to the base of your box and you'll discover the exact point for the tip of your triangle. From the bottom marker connect the outer two lined markers to create your perfect triangle shape.
  • for the edging: I used a reusable sticky tape from some I already had (MT tape) to tape around the bottom and the top of the box so I could draw my outline for the edges. I was then able to lift off the tape without upsetting the paint underneath and use it again for the next box. If your boxes are larger you may find that the measuring tape would provide a good device for measuring and marking the edges for the box.
  • Now paint your triangles and the edge lines.
  • Paint the outer side edge of lid and wait to dry.

If you would like to add a little more play to your boxes, add a string, rope or ribbon handle* and a couple of batons or wooden spoons for an instant drum kit. If like me here you can find different sized boxes you've got a mini drum kit waiting with different sounds from the bang of each drum!
I've not told the girls about this little aspect yet as they're now in busy organising, collecting and sorting mode. But I can't wait to let them in them in on it too!

*how to create a handle: using a hole punch or screwdriver make a hole in the side of the drum about an inch away from the top then make another on the exact oppsoite side. Thread your rope/string/ribbon from the outside in and tie a knot, using the same length of string thread again from the outside in and tie a knot. Pop on the lid and drum away!

Now i'm on the hunt for a larger set........

Happy Making 

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