Friday, 3 May 2013

Askey Print Dolls - Creative Girls with a Voice

introducing; Afrah, Aapti, Zhen, Felicidad, Anna & Abeo

Create your own original screen-printed girl with these DIY set's from Askey Print. Learn about different cultures, different places around the world as well as an appreciation of how things are made.

No ordinary doll, this is a doll with a voice, a girl with a mission; spreading the word of The Girl Effect around the world each doll comes with an info card supporting sisters all over the world to find a powerful voice in their communities and effect real change where it counts.

Handmade and hand printed by London sisters, who, like us, have combined their skills and passion to create something original, something positive and something to celebrate.  We know you will celebrate with us when you discover AskeyPrint too.

AskeyPrint Dolls are a keepsake to treasure through childhood and one to be handed down to the next these doll's are a delight to make and give an appreciation of craft as well as time spent together.

Each pack includes 100% cotton fabric with original water based ink design screen printed by hand and when finished your doll will measure 33 cm tall. You don't need to have any special skills to create them but if you need a little help the instruction sheet comes with a link to an online video you can watch for tips and hints.
The pack also includes polyester stuffing but you could be different and try stuffing her with lavender and she'll smell as beautiful as she looks.

Young and old children will delight in the creative aspect, sharing a sense of pride of their own original and unique doll. Whether creating them by themselves or alongside a parent or older sibling made together she'll become a part of the family, a part of childhood memories and the beginning of new adventures.

Visit the collection here and decide who you'll bring to life.

send us your photo's via email, twitter or facebook and we'll pin them with your name alongside the dolls name.

And we look forward to more creations from the AskeyPrint sisters too...


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