Thursday 30 May 2013


We simply can't get enough of these fun tissue paper honeycomb balls. Suitable for indoor and out their nostalgic beauty brighten parties, weddings and are wonderful as jolly all year round decorations in any room bringing joy and happiness lightening up a neutral space in a creative way.
Each colour ball is available in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and supersize and now the honeycomb mobile has arrived. The honeycomb mobile (top image) features 5 spheres hung from bamboo, it makes for a wonderful unique gift for baby and child as well as us grown ups too. 
So whether you want subtle splashes of colour or big displays of brights there's a colour and size for all.

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  1. These are lovely; I love how they brighten up a space. I saw a fab invitation idea (on Pinterest I think), where the honeycomb ball was sent to the person folded with the party details, then after reading they could open it up and use it.