Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Makery - Ye Pirate Cutlass

It's a rare thing to leave the park without a collection of treasures, be it sticks, acorns, leaves, or a pocketful of daisies. So, this time when we went to the park with a mission in mind; to find the perfect straight stick, the girls were in full eyes down hunting mode. This was a special pirates mission where before we could hunt any treasure we first had to get equipped for any eventuality. We were making swords. We were going to have a go with cardboard but I knew they'd end up crumpling after their first battle so only sticks would suffice.
So with a mission sounding more like a goldilocks tale, 'no, this one's too curvy', 'this one's too bumpy' and 'this one's too thick' we at last discovered a stick 'just right'. Happy with what they found I could 'as though by magic' with a quick snip of the scissors and some scraps of fabric turn them into pirate cutlass's.

Like all great inventions necessity is the mother, and when Oona grew tired of carrying her cutlass we turned a cardboard roll into a sheath to hold the sword in between battles. I'm sure this accessory will end up being decorated in some way but for now she's happy as it is and as these cardboard roll's are easy to come by, or at least easier than finding a straight stick she'll probably create a whole host of matching accessories for her outfits. A pirate takes great pride in his / her appearance apparently.

Here's what you'll need:
  • a stick (preferably straight!)
  • string or elastic bands
  • a small piece of thick fabric; leather, felt, or cardboard from a cereal box.

Here's how:
  1. remove any knobbly bits from your stick
  2. cut a piece of fabric into a long thing oval and cut two holes on either end.
  3. slide the stick through the hole and pull down, then poke the stick through the other end of the fabric creating a looped handle shape.
  4. If your fabric slides around take it off and put it back on with an elastic band wrapped around the stick on either side of the fabric.

Dont be tempted to sharpen the ends of the sticks, yes it may make them look more authentic but that's not what you want. the blunter the better. There'll be enough injuries from the whacking about as it is. It may even be a good idea to instate a few rules as you hand over the cutlass, a pirate code so to speak.

So, next time you head to the park bring back a few sticks for some pirate fun,

Aarrrrgh! Look lively me powder monkeys I be going after those pieces o eight!


  1. That is such a cute idea. I love the paper roll to hold her cutlass too!