Thursday, 13 June 2013

XO - In My Room and worth waiting for

With a vision in our heads of what we wanted to bring to Sisters Guild we've been hunting for unique pieces to create stylish interiors.
We've finally found those pieces we dreamed and from a small company who's ethos marries our own.
It began with an image, an image we fell madly in love with and 7 months later having tracked down its origin we are now so excited to bring the very piece that caught our eye, stole our hearts and had us dreaming of children's interiors in a whole new way.

The story behind X0-in My Room added to our love of the pieces, and as you'll know from all the designers we house, the people behind the collections are as important as the pieces themselves.  
It is a story of 3 brothers. The eldest is the creator and the designer of the furniture, The middle brother is the logician and the youngest is the craftsman who inherited his fathers workshop for handmade wooden furniture. 
The three brothers have come together to bring us a collection of beautiful and unique pieces for children's rooms. Resuming their passion for well designed furniture together they create versatile pieces with creative finishings, made with reclaimed wood the workshop uses natural products and eco-friendly processes. 

Co-partner, co-founder and wife of the eldest brother is Carina, a mother of five children. Having worked in the fashion industry as a stylist and graphic designer her family life steered her professional work towards the wonderful world of children. After the birth of her 5th child Carina began to think ' ...if I was brave enough to have another child, why not jump into another big adventure'

and so the adventure begins.........

It is very fitting that the beginning of our journey matches a beginning of theirs. This is Olivia, the dresser, named after the daughter of it's creator. 

We adore the detail, the hidden surprise's that make each piece so unique, so charming and quirky. Each versatile piece holds an extra touch that adds a big heap of fun for stylish interiors with their individually painted drawers and linings which you'll open to discover shades of turquoise, blues, aubergine or beautifully illustrated birds. This combination of creativity, versatility, and unique aesthetics opens up a new door into the world of interiors bridging practicality with unique charm enhanced by its influence of childhood and family life.

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful story about these unique pieces! They are gorgeous. Thanks for telling about your adventure and best wishes for your new line of children's interior.