Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Makery - A Child's Pinterest

My home office walls are covered in pictures, be it new collections yet to arrive, pictures the girls have drawn for me and pictures to inspire its a collection of ideas, of interests that cover just about everything I do and almost all that I am.  The girls have their own notice boards where they keep invitations, letters, cards and things they have been given to treasure, but they don't use them for ideas and inspiration. They love the eclectic mix that surrounds my desk and have been hankering after something similar for a while so we created our very own collection of mood boards that can hang above their desks ready to pin all those ideas, interests and inspiration they gather from around them.

I knew it had to be fun, fun enough for them to be inspired to pin and I thought a collection of boards would be great for different moods, just like our own collections on pinterest. I also didn't want to the run the risk of them both losing their pins on the floor so we made our own 'pin it buttons' which they love.

Here's what you'll need:
  • cork trivets
  • drawing pins
  • buttons
  • spray paint
  • picture mounts
  • strong adhesive glue
Here's how:
  1. Add colour to your cork trivets using spray paint and leave to dry. We sprayed one with gold glitter paint for some sparkle and covered part of one before spraying to create a clash of colour. I'm on the lookout for some neon colours too so left a few more to be painted, and the girls have asked that we make a stencil of their initials for 2 more, already the collection is growing.
  2. Once dry use strong adhesive glue to fix your picture hook to the back. Leave to set overnight if needed.
  3. In the meantime choose your buttons and dabbing glue onto the head of the pin adhere each pin to a the back of a coloured button. Leave to set.
Hang the miniature mood boards ready for inspiration and ideas to be pinned. 

Happy making

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