Wednesday, 19 June 2013

MT Tape Installation

To further fuel our obsession with the wonders of Washi tape, we discovered this....

images via Koji Iyama

Koji Iyama is an award-winning Art Director and Graphic Designer who creates amazing installations in unusual Japan locations.  Two years after the Tsunami the artist and MT-Ex chose Sendai as the location for the latest installation which brings colour and shape to an old warehouse, using the full height with hundreds of rolls of MT Tape.  Iyama created floor to ceiling suspended stripes to awesome effect, not forgetting taping the entire floor with a rainbow of MT Tape.  Along with some enticing looking mini-house installations, it demonstrated the many creative possibilities with the new collection of MT CASA - rolls of Washi Tape for decorating the home - on whatever scale you choose! 

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  1. Washi tape has fueled an obsession in many of my artsy crafty friends. I am not one of the obsessed, but I do love all the colors and patterns. These installations are so fun and amazing!