Thursday, 12 June 2014

Welcoming Summer On A Plate

How different the days are when the sun is shining.
We've been taking everything outside, every meal is either on the grass, in the park, al fresco and laid-back as though time has slowed down. Each day is becoming more colourful and weekends are all about finding the perfect outdoor space to fill with friends, family, food, fun and games. We're doing our best to welcome the summer in the way it deserves and making the most of every minute of it. 
With a few firm favourites that we use again and again each summer and some fresh new loves we're celebrating the days in the sun. Here's some of our current favourite food loving finds for rolling out the good times with a little al fresco:

Colourful picnic plates in 6 delicious hues here, birch wood canap√© forks here, vinyl lace placemats in 3 assorted colours here

Melamine cups in vintage florals here and melamine bowls here too

treats, nibbles and finger food served in cupcake cases here and here and pretty printed baking trays here, with pretty cocktail sticks for forks and mini skewers

Pretty printed baking trays make the perfect serving dish for single portions, whilst pretty vintage jar covers make great lids for jars of salads, chopped fruit or sauces and dips.

Rectangular melamine plates in pretty prints make great platters. Mix with melamine cups, cake forks , salad spoons, and the rest of the melamine pieces to create colourful settings on the grass or garden table. 

'happy days' barbecue skewers are our new bright favourite (I think we'll need to post some sizzling recipes too) pictured here with the folding metal table in green, chopping boards make great serving platters that'll be easy to pass around

outdoor lights here make summer feel an endless party

We love these Picnic Balls here and here

oh, and if you're a fan of picnicking take a look at these tips and hints and recipes here 

Keep an eye on all the new summer arrivals here

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Keeping Cool & Loving the Jelly

With names sounding like ice creams, lollipops and the kind of treats you might find in Willie Wonkas' chocolate factory, the new collection of jelly shoes from Project Jelly takes everything that is summer,  mixes it up with some retro fun and creates the quintessential summer shoe.

Designed to splash, climb, run, skip, hop, scoot  and well, everything that children love to do, these practical, waterproof and flexible shoes are made for endless summers (though they look pretty awesome with tights too). 

But thats not all there is to them. Project Jelly goes one giant brightly coloured jelly leap further than awesome, because 25% of the profit from each pair sold will go directly to MENCAP.  Project Jelly 'repackage charity'. Collaborating with JuJu shoes, the original Jelly Shoe makers of the eighties, this kaleidoscope of limited editions combine the very best of British design with a big fund-raising impact.

Whilst our hat goes off to its founder Natalie Collier our children's feet march to a summer drum truly putting their best foot forward and in style. We're so proud to house Project jelly in our collections and our kids feet are pretty happy too. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Guide to Maileg: Part One - The Bunny

Welcome to the world of Maileg

The most enchanting bunnies, matchbox mice, woodland creatures, playthings, accessories and seasonal decor await your discovery.

Sisters Guild is one of the biggest stockists of Maileg online internationally and in the UK. It comes from falling in love many moons ago with all the bunny rabbits and their wonderful world.

Here's Part One of the Guide to all things Maileg

The Maileg Bunny

The first Bunny Rabbits from Maileg arrived already named - there was Emily, Christina, Viola...
Now they arrive all innocent in their knitted or floral underwear ready to be named, dressed and adored and taken on many adventures by you! 

The Maileg Bunnies are made of linen fabric in a light or dark brown.  They have long dangly legs and arms and some have floppy ears others tall ears - altogether endearing and all the better for loving. 

We can finally make this one a bit clearer!

The Maileg Bunnies used to be named baby, small, medium, and then X, XL, XXL.....but now the designs are categorised as follows:

These pics will help you decipher and choose your bunny size.

Measurements of Maileg bunniesfrom tips of ears to toes depending on floppy or tall ears

Micro 13cm floppy ears - 16cm  tall pointy ears

Mini 23cm floppy ears - 26cm  tall pointy ears

Medium 46cm floppy ears - 50cm  tall pointy ears

Maxi 53cm floppy ears - 67cm  tall pointy ears

Mega 72cm floppy ears - 80cm  tall pointy ears

Mega-Maxi 86cm floppy ears - 104cm  tall pointy ears

There are also special Bunnies each season including Royal Bunnies & Angels 

The Bunny Wardrobe

So, what do they wear, these bunnies?  As well as making your own wonderful clothes or delving into your dolls wardrobe, Maileg have created many outfits to choose from, for each season. 
There's shoes and bags and this summer there's a Yoga set too.  The Maileg Bunnies do have an inspiring lifestyle! 

And what about the BUNNY HOME?
The Maileg Bunnies have wardrobes, ironing boards, clothes racks and washing lines.
There's cupboards, tables and chairs, benches, highchairs, prams and pottys.
A stove, a cradle, a nursery bed and a scooter coming soon too!

The Maileg furniture is suitable for the smallest bunny rabbits: the Maileg micro and mini bunnies, and some larger pieces for the Medium Rabbits.

Part Two of our guide will explore the Bunny Home in more detail.

If you have any bunny questions or need help with finding a gift, with beginning or adding to your Maileg collection please pop us an email

The next guide: all about the Maileg Bunny Furniture & Accessories

Special Offer : A FREE gift for the bunny wardrobe with every Maileg Bunny

Offer ends Sat 14th June.  
One gift per bunny - a clothing or accessory item from the Maileg collection to match the size of the Bunny purchased.  

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Secret Garden & Hucklebones SS14

The humming sound of  buzzing of bees and sweet scent of soft blossoms were found in a secret walled garden, a quiet and enchanting place for the girls to skip, chatter and find spring flowers. Reflecting the light and whimsical nature of the collection these images capture the delight in youth that is found with a small place to explore the season.  

Images with thanks to Emma Donnelly at
All clothing : Hucklebones 

Every so often you discover something magical and sometimes it happens twice.