Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Keeping Cool & Loving the Jelly

With names sounding like ice creams, lollipops and the kind of treats you might find in Willie Wonkas' chocolate factory, the new collection of jelly shoes from Project Jelly takes everything that is summer,  mixes it up with some retro fun and creates the quintessential summer shoe.

Designed to splash, climb, run, skip, hop, scoot  and well, everything that children love to do, these practical, waterproof and flexible shoes are made for endless summers (though they look pretty awesome with tights too). 

But thats not all there is to them. Project Jelly goes one giant brightly coloured jelly leap further than awesome, because 25% of the profit from each pair sold will go directly to MENCAP.  Project Jelly 'repackage charity'. Collaborating with JuJu shoes, the original Jelly Shoe makers of the eighties, this kaleidoscope of limited editions combine the very best of British design with a big fund-raising impact.

Whilst our hat goes off to its founder Natalie Collier our children's feet march to a summer drum truly putting their best foot forward and in style. We're so proud to house Project jelly in our collections and our kids feet are pretty happy too. 

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