Monday, 27 April 2015

Magnetic Wallpaper & The Newest Designs

Creating a focal point in any room large or small these magnetic wallpapers with fund, awesome and beautiful animal prints are ideal for hanging drawings, postcards and messages, shopping lists, 'to-do' lists, and inspiration. 

A great alternative to the classic magnetic paint wall the wallpaper is hung just as standard wallpaper, is available in various widths and lengths and brings a stylish and even more practical way to make your own mood-board. Also available as a chalkboard magnetic wallpaper or as a paintable magnetic wallpaper for a seamless finish anywhere in any room. Oh and the wallpaper is washable and easy to clean too! 

We've added even more designs to the collection alongside a brilliant range of magnets; circles and alphabets, numbers, stars and tangrams in black, white and colours too. 

We love the geometric print below which can be hung vertically or horizontally to fit the space or design project..... 

Take a look at all the new designs as well as our all our favourites here

Interiors have never been so playful or exciting. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Love #55 ! BMX

Love #55 ! BMX 

Customise, accessorise and funk up your style with a selection of iron on patches from Dandy Star. For Jeans, jackets, kit bags, back pockets, front pockets, weekend bags and anywhere you can customise. For kids who like to be different. 

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