Friday, 28 June 2013

Lunch On The Grass

Lunch on the grass with our bunny friends. Maileg Dk have launched a new collection of beautiful melamine for children and we're thrilled to announce their arrival in the boutique.
Using the same unique and magical approach as with all their creations Maileg are bringing the bunnies to the table.

The imaginatively organic shaped designs make mealtimes all the more piquant, whilst their durable construction ensures no end to their beauty even from the most enthusiastic diners and those who'll shout 'I've finished' and drop their plate to the floor before you've had to time to grab it!

Each pretty piece depicts a part of two tales; that of Bunny Green ' The carrot story', and the story of 'Bunny Honey'. With a familiar feel of characters and signature colours unique to Maileg's collections there's a wholesome charm with a whimsical twist making mealtimes all the more fun.

Dishwasher safe, almost indestructible melamine and designs children will love... what more can you ask for breakfast?

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