Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Favourite Free Printables

Sometimes its the simple things that keep children busy and the best play are those times when their imagination can carry them off, where they can create their own games, their own rules and their own ideas flourish. Sometimes its pen and paper that bring out the best of play and a little paper play can go along way especially when its a wet and drizzly day. When I saw rain forecast for this week I knew i'd need some back-up, and I found it. Bundles of it. There are so many great free printables for children but this week it's these here that have become the firm favourites in our house.
This free printable above has been a huge hit in our house. This little character has had chicken pox and needed to drink 'cabbagesnail' potion, before all manner of illness's needed to be treated. Now there's a collection like a waiting room or an encyclopaedia of strange diseases stuck to the wall by Dr Oona who insists if you get green spots on your face its inevitable that broccoli grows on your tongue! 

We've yet to give these a try, though i've got them at the ready! Imagine all the games, the cutting the sticking, colouring and collecting possibilities. You can find all these beautiful and quirky printables here alongside much more. If like me you get hooked on the creations take a look at the etsy shop here. 

These oh so puuurfectly cute bookmarks is all it'll take to get my miniature bookworm wanting to curl up and read and with the note cards too she'll love to write her own ideas for her own story this half term.

But perhaps the biggest winner of all this week, and the most appropriate considering the weather, is this colourful remake of the never-fail-to please-game of snakes and ladders. who wouldn't want to slide along a rainbow towards the sunshine or trickle down with the rain. Not only has this been our new version of snakes and ladders but it didn't' take too long for all the characters to get a name and became a game where creatures live under rainbows and gather raindrops in baskets.

Discover mr prinatbles here and you'll discover an abundance of paper play fit for any age, and every day.

If you're still looking to discover more things to do, to create and ideas of play then don't forget our very own Monday Makery as well as our 'summer fun with sisters guild' - a list of 100 things to do indoors and out.

Happy Playing

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