Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Art of Living - Dressing Up Then and Now

There has been a lot of focus of 'now and then' in the press in lieu of the upcoming Jubilee here in the UK and I've been taking a look back at the clothes children have worn over the past 60 years. The shapes, the colour and the classics of a generation now grown up. There has been a great and welcome shift in the design of children's clothes and now we see clothing designed for children, created with the child's perspective of life they're fun, free flowing and imaginative.  

 Since beginning Sisters Guild I've become so much more aware of the trends and styles of children's clothing and as a mother with a passion for great design I've begun to understand what is important about childrens clothing. Searching for the very best unique designers and offering them to you here in the boutique, we constantly seek the classics of this new blossoming generation, predicting the shapes and colours that children and parents alike will both love, pieces hard to find on the highstreet, quirky, colourful, playful, pieces that mark the style, the era of a generation in bloom. 

We don't like to think of our clothing range as 'fashion' we try to look at it as 'dressing up' its not about being on trend when you're a child but rather being you. It's about dressing up to who you are, be it lollipop shorts, bright festival dresses, soft rompers for doing just that.. romping around the big outdoors with no care in the world, they can be the girliest of girly dresses perfect for parties or picnics with bears and fit for a queen, pieces that make you feel unique, special, beautiful and free, if a child wants to fly you can make them fabric wings, if they want to climb cover their knees, if they want to dance give them a skirt that twirls as much as they could imagine. Our dressing rooms are about dressing to who you are and who you can be.

We've looked back at trends of the past; the clothes our mothers wore as children, the clothes we wore as we were growing up and now we're enjoying the now. A freer generation, a brighter and more colourful time and as we ready ourselves for deciding upon our SS13 range we look forward to discovering even more of the quirky and classic for the new generation in the hope that some of those pieces will become part play, part memories of your children's childhood and perhaps handed down to the next. Because here at Sisters Guild we believe in longevity, we believe that tomorrow is forever and childhood should last a lifetime.

We revisited a childhood love of paper dressing up dolls and created our very own from the SS12 collection here in our dressing rooms because though things change there's comfort in continuity.

So here's to our blossoming generation.
I wonder who they'll be today and all the tomorrows after

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