Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Spy: Essie Jain

When Ruben was born I was keen to create a beautiful bedroom bubble for us both.  I sought out some music to accompany the gentle lights, relaxing oils and soft cottons of our naptime and bedtime ritual.  I wanted some music that was new to me, songs that Ruben and I could discover together. When I stumbled across Until the Light of Morning by Essie Jain  it was the cover art that caught my eye - such a magical compostition and colours.  When we listened to the collection of 8 songs we were utterly enchanted by Essie Jain's voice, accompanied by Guitar, Piano and Baby Glockenspiel (a particularly wonderful instrument)

Essie Jain is a singer-songwriter who hails from London and lives in New York.  She has a sublime voice which can be heard on previous recordings and an album to be released later this year (her own website is here).  Until the Light of Morning was released in 2011 on her own record label and was inspired by the arrival of friends babies, and their need for a soothing voice.  

Essie says:

I’ve been playing music and singing songs for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to perform all over the world. The thing that struck me the most during my travels, was how often people told me that they felt soothed, calmed and comforted when I sang to them.

At the same time, my family and friends back home had started to have kids. It became apparent to me that they were always looking for new music to soothe their babies at nap and bedtime, and as a result of hearing the same CD for the hundredth time, they were quietly going crazy listening to songs that were working for their little ones, but certainly didn’t do it for them.

It was then I realised what my next project would be.

This record is made for every parent and every baby (and anyone else) who needs to rest and head off into the land of sleep. The record is designed to unwind itself as it goes along, as the music becomes softer and more relaxed, eventually becoming as instrumental as the heart beat.

With that, I wish you and baby goodnight.

Essie Jain is a voice I am so pleased to have discovered.  She casts a spell over our household at bedtime.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this album to new mamas. You will find yourself singing, humming and swaying with your baby......and then sinking into a deep sleep.

We just had to share this beautiful album with you in the Sisters Guild Boutique.

Listen to the opening track here:

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