Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I Spy - Songs of Sesame Street

Stevie Wonder scats with  Grover

Sunny Day 

Sweepin' the clouds away 

On my way to where the air is sweet 

Can you tell me how to get, 

How to get to Sesame Street 

Come and play 

Everything's A-OK 

Friendly neighbors there 
That's where we meet 

                                                           - Sesame Street's theme tune                 

If when you sing the numbers 1 to 12 you sing it with a certain style of jazz/funk putting an emphasis on the number 4, if you still think C is for cookie and you recall your first understanding of being grouchy now brings to mind a certain little green grubby monster that pops out of rubbish bins, if you remember the gentle existentialism of a certain very tall, wise, bright yellow bird then you may know the way to Sesame Street.
So many of us grew up with the people and puppets, songs and comedy of Sesame Street. So many of those songs sang on the steps of Sesame Street have stayed with me. From counting with the Count to singing the A-Z the American way and of course the Ladybug Picnic song these songs were part of our childhood, part of the feeling that the world was there for our enjoyment, that there existed a neighborhood full of song where we would play.

I've been showing the girls some old episodes, Partly to show the girls that we did have tv in the 'olden times' and partly just for a bit of nostalgia,  and we found some clips that have become the background songs to our days.

You must all remember this one - one, two, three FOUR five....... reflecting the musical influence of funk and Jazz in the 1970's and sung by the Pointer Sisters its a song now on repeat playback in my head, dug up from my collection of childhood ditties.

I wasn't sure what they'd think about it - wether it would still appeal now, and to my own children; children having been spoiled with such great recent animation and programmes of their own generation. It was great to see that actually, the magic was still there, they were captivated and I was thrown back to being 4 years old all over again, singing on the happy street and learning my numbers and my ABC's.

Though still going strong after 40 years things have changed on the street that we loved but there's still some magic in its music, old and new.

These are a few of our favourite songs. Songs we've listened to so many times they've become our morning birdsong, our school run theme tune, bringing a little happy along the way:

After singing this one repeatedly with Oona I can't help but sing this version all the time!

The girls loved the original of this song so much and now they've found this one they love it even more!

I think all children should learn this song. Can you imagine the school assembly starting with this each morning - certainly beats 'we are climbing jesus' ladder'!

These are songs that bridge the gap between nursery rhyme and lady Gaga and Katy Perry (though even Katy Perry has appeared with Elmo). They're innocent, fun, educational and now with the likes of Will.i.am and Feist singing they're pretty cool too (if cool is still the word to use). Then again thats the magic of shows like Sesame Street, their influence still keeps going. With famous faces from Robert de Niro to Ben Stiller, Stevie wonder to Michael Jackson they've all been part of the series as it grows along with the generations from 1969 to right now and all on those steps on Sesame Street.

Garfunkal and his guitar - singing on those Sesame Street steps 

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

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