Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Makery - PaperCut Play

We've been busy creating paper play grounds and magical pop up wonderlands. Oona and I created our very own zoo whilst Sessi created an enchanted fairy garden.

All you'll need is:

  • Card - You can use a cereal pack which will be strong enough to not have to fold in half.
  • Scissors (or craft knife for the adults to do the cutting of fiddly bits)
  • colouring pens or paint
  • gluestick
Here's the how:
  1. To create your own paper creatures, decide on your theme, perhaps a circus, a farm, a zoo or a city. It doesn't matter what you create just so long as you keep the images simple. 
  2. Fold over a piece of card and draw you characters or animals onto the card so that the feet are lined up to the bottom of the fold.
  3. Colour in and cut out.
  4. Glue both sides of the characters together.
  5. Cut out 2 small semi-circular shapes to use as stands, Make a slit down the middle and slide them onto the feet of your characters to make them stand.
To create a 3D scene:
  1. Once you've decided on the objects in your scenery take a large piece of card and draw each one making sure you give enough space in-between each picture. Remember to keep it simple. 
  2. Colour in each piece of the scenery.
  3. Using a craft knife (adults only) or a sharp pencil cut through the card around the outline leaving the base at which it will fold. 
  4. Bend the shape upwards to create you 3D scene.
You can add lots of different characters and create different scenes as though for a complete story, or keep it simple and create one little plot. If you have an old margarine tub or small ice cream tub you can decorate it to keep all the characters in and take with you for an immediate imaginary Paper play ground.

I love that these are easy to transport too. We can simply fold the fairy garden in half like a book and and then pop it open when we want to play.
Sometimes its the simplest of things that keep the children so captivated in their play. 
I like to see their visions unfold and their paper world created to become real.
Sessi placed her fairy garden on the table next to her bed and fell asleep with her nightlight softly shining through and creating shadows on the scene. It must have felt quite magical.

Happy Making!

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