Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday Makery - Setting Sail - Paper Boats

You can be certain that the very second the sun comes out to play so do the children. It's been a while since we've felt the freedom of running round the park, feeling the warm sun on our faces. So when the sun shone down we headed out with the blanket and some little things to keep hands busy. The sun was shining on the little pond in the park and looked as though it was inviting an adventure. So, we taught the girls how to make paper boats and we set sail across the little pond. 

All you'll need is some paper!

Here's how:
  1. Fold the paper top to bottom, bringing together the two oppsoute edges
  2. Then fold the paper left to right.again bring togther the two opposte edges
  3. Open out the paper once. 
  4. Fold the top right corner in to meet the central crease.
  5. Fold the top left corner in to meet the central crease. Lining it up with the previous angle.
  6. Fold the upper bottom flap up and crease.
  7. Flip the aper over
  8. Fold up the bottom flap toward the trainagle and crease.
  9. Placing your fingers inside your 'hat shaped' triangle, pull the sides out flat to create a rhombus.
  10. Holding your new rhombus shape lift up the the upper bottom flap to meet the top peak.
  11. Flip the shape over.
  12. Lift and crease the bottom flap to create a trinagle 
  13. Insert your thumbs and pull the sides out, again forcing the paper into a rhombus
  14. Then holdign the 2 outer tips pull out into your boat shape.
  15.  Flip your boat over and open up the inner the space in the bottom. This will make it float a whole lot better and give it better balance too.
  16. Finally....find a puddle, a bath, a washing up bowl, a pond, a brook, or even the kitchen sink and set sail!

Add portholes, flags and colours to decorate the side of your boats, have races, see which one can carry the most leaves, daisies or other small objects to the other side of the shore, you can even (for those who can remember) share stories of some of the most famous ships and boats in history like the Santa Maria, the ship that Columbus sailed into a new world......but hey, lets just enjoy their colours bobbing about.

Happy Sailing!

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