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Monday Makery: Jubilee Party Bunting

In honour of the Jubilee and the extra long weekend we are having a street party in our neighbourhood. The first weekend of June really does signal the start of the outdoor party season - wooohooo - up and down the country celebrations will be in full swing.  There's plenty to celebrate and it doesn't have to be all 'red, white and blue' - though they are quite a pleasing combo of colours!

So, it's inevitable that bunting will adorn streets and houses and trees and any place that you can tie it up.  There's different flag garlands that you can buy, but making your own bunting is a quick and easy little project.....and one that has got me back into action with my sewing machine.

Here's what you will need
  • A4 card (or cereal packet) & a pencil
  • scraps of materials and/or pillow cases
  • bias binding (thank you Millie Moon)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine or needle and thread if by hand
  • an afternoon
How to make your bunting

1. First you will need to make the triangle flag template.  For this you can use A4 card or card from a cereal box. This will be the size of your flag - or pennant as it is correctly named!

2. Iron your fabric in half or pillowcase flat - inside out. Draw round the triangle template across the fabric, leaving enough space between for the hem.  Tip: you can use the fold of the fabric or pillowcase as one side of the triangle to save you sewing that side.

3. Cut out each triangle leaving a rough 1cm hem, except at the top of the triangle as no hem will be needed here (less sewing - oh good!)

4. Keeping the fabric inside out, line up and pin the 2 sides of the pennant together - you can use a plain back or a contrasting pattern, your choice.

5.  Once they are all pinned you are ready to head to the sewing machine and sew along the open sides - keeping the top of the pennant open.

6.  Next, turn inside out, poking the point with a pencil.  Then iron each pennant smooth. Tip: If it's a little lumpy and bumpy you can turn it back inside out and trim off some of the hem.

7. Grab your bias binding - lay flat, fold and iron in half lengthways, leaving a 'slit' into which you can slot the top of your pennant. This is the only slightly fiddly bit.  Hold firmly in place and pin through the fabric to the other side of the bias binding so no frayed edge is showing.

8.  Decide on the distance between each flag. Slot, fold and pin each pennant along the bias binding. Leave enough of the 'string' either end for tying up.

9.  Then sew in a long line altogether.  Tip: via Fromemaid - use a zig-zag stitch.

There you have it - your very own beautiful bunting that will do you proud year after year for many celebrations.  We have decided to keep the bunting as the Keyford Community Garden Bunting and bring it out for special celebrations, adding more flags each year. We thought this would make a lovely tradition for the children.  And by using an iron-on transfer method we can personalise it with our own designs.

Doing a fabric transfer

As part of our community celebrations I have asked all the children in our terrace to do a little picture with the theme of 2012.

By using transfer paper I have been able to iron their little designs onto some plain fabric flags.

Use the same size triangle template for the drawing.
You will need a scanner and printer to get the image onto the transfer paper.
Transfer paper can be found in stationery shops or here. It comes with easy instructions.

Once you have the image on the transfer sheet iron it onto the fabric image side down. Apply weight and heat for about 1 minute.  Allow to cool and then peel back to reveal the image on the fabric
Gabe found this really fun to see his picture on the fabric and hanging along the line of bunting.

I'll post another pic when all the children's bunting is hung in the community garden for the Jubilee party, which is going to be a moment to remember in 2012.

In the excitement of the sun arriving we have put up our Bell Tent in the garden, so I had to try the bunting inside too:

Happy beautiful bunting celebrations!

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