Friday, 1 June 2012

Once Upon A Week - Mice, Nose picking and masks, its all a walk in the park

Oona lost in thought, waking up to discover mice on my bedside table, the children give me inspiration for the Monday Makery, climbing on daddies knee is still the most fun in the park, the nose picking shots .... need I say more! flowers picked for mama on the way home, discovering masks can say things exactly as they are - Oona's face is exactly this, early morning rises and straight to the colouring pencils and afternoons spent walking in Battersea park collecting daisies for chains.
It's been a week of sunshine and laughter, early mornings and cleaning bogies off the arm the sofa!
We're looking forward to a sunny Jubilee weekend having picnics with friends, celebrating in Battersea Park, eating strawberries and cupcakes and making our very own crowns too.

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