Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Makery - Story Dice

It's been half term and its been a bit of a wet one too. So, I've been having to come up with various games to play inside once our soggy socks are hung to dry and we're back from jumping in puddles in the rain.  Finding ways of keeping the children busy in ways they can play together and not be outrageously noisy we spent a morning making story dice.
Once I'd remembered how to make a cardboard dice the rest was easy. The girls told each other stories again and again and Oona who is too young to read delighted in a game where she could 'read' the pictures and turn them into a story of her own creation.
Story dice make a great travel game too and, as you won't need much more than card scissors and tape or glue to make them you can make them anywhere, take them anywhere and tell every kind of story your imagination can reach.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil and pens or paints or stickers or stamps
  • double-sided sticky tape or glue

Here's how: 
  1. Draw your template for the box. I decided upon 4cm squares 
  2. Cut out and score along the inner lines and the tab markings where you will need to fold
  3. Draw a picture, a simple image or use ink stamps or stickers to create story cues, one for each square.
  4. Fold and stick together using the tabs.
  5. Wait a little while for the glue to hold and then get rolling with your story!

We've also created our own Sisters Guild story cubes using some of the characters and pieces here in the boutique for you to print off free. Just scroll down click Print PDF! 
We hope you enjoy creating your own stories and listening to the ones that your children will tell to you. We've left one of the ready to roll dice blank for you to put your own pictures, stickers and drawings on too.





This is a truly great game for children who haven't yet learnt to read but love to tell stories and equally great for children who are learning to write and spell as they can make up their own tales to record in notebooks, each tale made up from every roll of the dice. The exciting thing about it is that each time the story will be different. 
Make some for train journeys, car journeys and wet afternoons inside. You could even make larger ones leaving one side unstuck so it can be opened and given as gift boxes or alternative party bags with themed or personalised pictures on them.

Roll on with the story!

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  1. I adore these, we have wooden ones, but will be printing these out and making some start wars ones with the boys!

  2. Fabulous idea to get the creativity flowing (& the TV off!).