Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday Makery - A Box is Never A Box

Our Monday Makeries bring you recipes to bake, crafts to make, and gifts to create. They'll keep both little and big hands busy on rainy day afternoons and are a great way to be together, stay still and enjoy being imaginative, creating the circumstances in which imagination and resourcefulness can show themselves.
Being creative nurtures and stimulates children, helping them to be resourceful and encouraging curiosity. Encouraging exploration and praising a childs creative efforts are wonderful ways to let your children free from the constraints of right and wrong in standardized education. 
I believe we should cultivate creativity, to encourage children to think outside the box. We are after all raising a generation of children who will become the thinkers, the makers, the writers, the scientists of our future, we should encourage them to think innovatively. 
There is no right and wrong when it comes to being creative, its about exploring and children love to explore! Perhaps I should also start showing you the pictures of what else is happening during our Makeries.... whilst Sessi & I are busy putting the last touches to a mobile and Oona has decided to paint around her feet on the floor, leaving tiny footprints all the way through the house, or when she'll cover herself in flour to pretend she's a ghost! 

There's a lot to be said about following the rhythm of children, from letting them roam free in the great outdoors to letting their imagination run free with a few inexpensive craft materials and pieces from the recycling box. 

But hey, its just fun. Ways to keep children busy before the 'I'm bored' can leave their lips. 

If having children has taught me anything it is that imagination is contagious and my own children have nurtured me as much as I have them.  
I learnt very quickly that a box is never just a box. Its's a rocket, a car, a robot, a pirate ship, a train, but NEVER just a box.

The Makeries came about as accidental as most of the Makeries themselves.
The children and I make things every weekend together, mostly their suggestions, their ideas, their curiousness and then one day I said to my sister 'why don't I photograph them and put them on the blog with a how to.'
'Great idea' said sis... and there it began. The photo's aren't always good - for that i apologise - but that has shown me something new I'd like to explore and something I'm now learning to better myself at.

Sisters Guild is so much more than a boutique, Its a place to come to for new ideas, a place to spark the imagination, a place where you are invited to join us on a journey to discover fresh ideas and design in the world of childhood and home, family and lifestyle.

So, when you're looking for a project big or small, if you're looking for something to do on a rainy day, come by, have a look, make a mess and have fun!

Imagination is contagious!

Take A Look: 

This is part of our weekly Monday Makery where we bring you a recipe to bake or a craft to create. Visit our Monday Makery when you're in need of inspiration for something to do on a rainy day or to use as interception of the words 'I'm bored', or just because being creative with your children is something you all love to do. Our other popular blogposts include 'The story behind our collections', 'Tell us its Tuesday' , An A-Z of Sisters Guild, The Art of Living posts bring you all the things we are passionate about and the things we discover in our lives as mamas, and our 'Once upon a week' gives you a glimpse into life behind the scenes at Sisters Guild.

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