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Around The World With You - Peggy Juche

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Second in the new series 'Around The World With You' we take you to Peggy's favourite place. A favourite place above all others. 
Before we take a look at the place I'd like to first introduce to this wonderful woman, mother, businesswoman and inspirator. Explorer, observer of global loveliness and discoverer of exquisite pieces and places, Peggy goes by the name of @pauletpaula on twitter and blogs over at pauletpaula as well as pauletpaulaphoto.com. Her photos's are simply beautiful, her blogs - yes she has more than one, are inspiring a 'journey of all things cool'. Peggy say's she could 're-decorate, design and 'build' a new kids room every day' and after following her blog for some time now I'm not surprised, with all the delicious and creative things she finds! That's not all....no.....there's more: Peggy has a shop here , an online magazine 'Novalee' here, - designed for the avant-garde parent who want 'a fresh and new perspective on the childrens market'. Novalee magazine is a 'distinctive art, fashion, and photography magazine with a clear focus on featuring cutting edge innovators  in the kids + youth industry'. But in case that's not  enough inspiration, and this is a woman who's creative cup runneth over,  Peggy has also been a rather busy bee creating and orgainsing The Hive; a Eurpoean blog conference where ' Writers from big and small blogs get together ... to learn, network, share, support and most of all get inspired!'.

Peggy is originally from Berlin, moved to Hamburg, started her career in Paris - where she met her husband - moved to London and now lives in Amsterdam! So where in the world, what place of all the places she has been, of all the cities she has known, where, what place would Peggy describe as her favourite place?

Second in the new series 'Around The World With You' we take you to Peggy's favourite place. A favourite place above all others. 

Jardin du Luxembourg - Paris - France

This was really difficult. Me the one who loves to travel and to move around the world. Deciding on one beloved place. So I thought: "Where would I go if I had to decide on one last place?" 
The answer was actually really easy: Paris

Now Paris is not the smallest city in the world so where exactly in Paris?
Jardin du Luxembourg

And here I tell you why: The first time I left home for good was when I went to Paris. I had never been in Paris before and only found out afterwards that I was very lucky indeed as I stayed just around the corner from Jardin du Luxembourg. Exactly, not the baddest part of Paris at all.
Paris is where I discovered a new language (I did not understand a word when I arrived), where I started my love affair with delicious food, a never ending one by the way and where my wings of wanderlust grew.
Paris is the city where I met my husband (oh yes, that long time ago) and definitely the city I know best. 
I love Paris.
During this first year I was an Au Pair in a very sweet French family.  Every day, after school pick up, I went to Jardin du Luxembourg with the little boy I had to look after. Every day!

And today, whenever we go back, we spend at least one day here. There is a big and great playground for the kids, poneys, lovely cafes and of course the thing with the boats. You can "hire" a little wooden boat for your kids which they can drag around on the water. It is a must!

So yes, this is my place in this big world and I am here at least once a year, usually during summer and writing this makes me feel really sentimental. Good we will go to Paris in July!

Source: flickr.com via kkbelle on Pinterest

Peggy has also blogged about Jardin du Luxembourg here: read more

Where's your favourite place? Perhaps it's granny's garden, your local park, a holiday destination, a museum, or cafe. Perhaps it's a building in your city, a shop window, a shady spot under a tree. Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's says:

"Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in  a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name."

Whatever, wherever your favourite place is we want to share it. 

Here's how to get involved:
  • Send us a picture of your favourite place  - or we can source one for you as we have above.
  • Tell us where it is. If you'd like to tell us why even better. 
  • Email it to : info@sistersguild.com
We will share each one, each week, here on our blog and we will create an interactive global map of all the places we receive, building a community of people and places and making our global neighbourhood that little bit closer.

So, put your place upon the map and shout a big 'Hello'
Imagine all the people all the places we could know

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