Friday, 15 June 2012

Once Upon A Week - Dear Daddy

A selection of clothing and big boy toys from Sisters Guild

It's father's day on Sunday and as a team member of the family who needs to be celebrated we've been making gifts and cards and getting excited about having a day all about daddy.
We grew up without a father and as a mother of 2 girls who adore their daddy and their daddy dotes on them I love to watch them together, both grateful and happy to see their love for eachother. Sophia when asked in an interview for pirouette blog if she knew anyone famous once said ' do you mean daddy?' For the girls daddy is a hero, the man who fixes things, who makes them pancakes every weekend morning, who gives the best airplanes, who's knees are best for climbing on and who's absence through work is a mystery, though Oona thinks he paints at work just as she does at kindergarten!

our 'giving tree' : a gift for daddy - see below for the how to

On Sunday we will make daddy the pancakes, we will give him some big boy toys and cater to the 8 year old boy that still sits inside of him, the girls will proudly hand over their handmade cards and he will open them with watery eyes and wonder when did they grow up, how did they grow up so fast. He'll take them to the park and they'll get to do all the things that I don't like them to do..... go headfirst down the slide, climb trees higher than I would allow, and I will stay at home giving them time to be together just the three of them with a smile on my face knowing they are together having proper daddy fun.
I know we are fortunate to have a father to celebrate, and I will be sending a card to my mother with a pretend moustache and a thank you for playing that role in our lives. Because whoever plays the father role, be it an uncle, a mother or a family friend they should be celebrated and thanked no matter how much or how little they do, because doing things out of love with nothing expected in return is worthy of 'Thank you', especially if they are good at giving airplanes!

top picture - a selection of clothing and big boy toys from SistersGuild
bottom picture - our 'giving tree' a picture we made to frame for daddy. It's easy to do and a great inexpensive gift - draw the trunk and branches of a tree ready for the children to paint on top and then give the children ink or paint to make leaves using their fingers to print each one. 

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