Friday, 3 February 2012

Once Upon a Week - Are the bears coming too?

Oona walked into the sitting room where it was starting to look quite stark. With her favourite bears tucked under her arms she says; "Are the bears coming to our new house"? "Yes, of course they are" I said before sitting down and talking through what will be coming with us and all the fun of making a new home together.

"We can't have a home without the bears, and the bears can't be without a home!  With all our belongings being boxed up and their things slowly 'disappearing' there's an air of curiosity and puzzlement for Oona as the house is stripped of its character. "I think the bears might like to help us pack things to take to our new house. Why don't we pack a suitcase of all your most important things you'd like to carry with you."

So, we're moving house again!  Though I've envisioned how each room will look, what will go where, what pictures will be hung, Oona the younger of the girls has needed some help in understanding  it. So, with the all important suitcase packed (with the help of her bears) which is a mix of books, clothes and an eclectic mix of loved possessions, that makes me wonder what is going through her head the idea of moving has taken on a new excitement.

It is now, for the girls another adventure, its more boxes to make dens in and bedrooms to arrange as they please. Tours with the bears of each room and a chaos that invites them to be wild as we're busy re-juggling our lives.
For me its a nightmare of packing and labeling our lives into boxes and bags and living with stack upon stack of our possessions as we ready for the moving day. All whilst trying to maintain a sense of order. Discarding the feeling of being a little lost, exhausted and annoyed with the inconvenience of it all.
Perhaps I would be better able to see it as an adventure too if it was not the fourth property I'll be making a home in since Oona was born. She isn't yet three and I crave the stability of a family home. As a woman and a mother I feel I just want to nest and though we have never moved from the area we live in I'm a little tired of feeling as though we're in waiting. Waiting for our lives to begin...... again...... and again.......and again!

So, as ever you turn things around to see its positive. So now, I'm using this time to remove the clutter from my life. The clutter that sits in each drawer, nook and cupboard. The things you supposedly need but in actual fact had forgotten you had it! It feels as though I might too be starting a new adventure now. And for the first time I feel excited. A new home will be born and we will fill it with our chaos of love, laughter and Oona's favourite bears!

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