Thursday, 30 January 2014

Once Upon a Mattress

And so the story is told, and retold again and again a story cherished for almost 180 years.  The tale of a prince in search of love. A real princess who appears at the gates of the palace one stormy night, tested by the queen who places a pea in the bed she is offered for the night. A pea hidden under 20 mattresses which only a true princess could possibly feel..... and does she feel it?
A story in which even the pea lives happily ever after. For the pea was placed in a museum and this is a true story.

Retelling the story of the princess and pea written by Hans Christian Andersen Maileg Dk have created a magnificent play set for a bunny princess and her prince and of course the most famous pea in the world. With a four poster bed piled high with the softest of mattresses in beautiful fabrics and a crochet pea to hide amongst them, children can rediscover this classic tale through play. The prettily detailed box opens to become the palace bedroom with its ornate chandelier, furnishings and flowers. Around the outside and hidden underneath you'll discover the tale told through images and words. Each little detail is utterly enchanting.
We have fallen head over heals with this imaginative narrative and judging by our own children's response we're not the only ones utterly enchanted.  

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