Monday, 21 March 2016

Soor Ploom captures a nostalgic longing for simplicity

Our new love…

We have a breath of fresh air in the boutique that goes by the sweet name of Soor Ploom. Designed and made in Brooklyn, New York, this is a fresh, timeless collection of cotton and linen loveliness in the most beautiful hues.

Soor Ploom makes us dream of summer days of endless play when time is forgotten and light cooling cotton touches the skin. It is simple, understated style that the designer Marissa Buick has so talentedly created.
I really do feel that Marissa has captured some nostalgic longing in her collection.  It's as if you have opened a vintage suitcase of perfectly pressed linen clothes in the exact designs that you have pictured in your mind for your own little girl to wear! And wear them she will…

The Oona Romper has become a classic style by Soor Ploom, in ochre or blue stripes .
New is the Olive Romper in the most feminine soft clay colour and the beautiful Lois playsuit in the Liberty garden print.  Then there's the Lark, Edie and Prim Dress, the Maude playsuit and the Clova top - names that sound so vintage and adorable.  These are pieces that will be cherished for summer and last a lovingly long time for the next generations to come. Thank you Marissa!

Holiday dreaming

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