Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas All Wrapped Up

Christmas is slowly edging closer; the Christmas lights have been switched on in Oxford Street, the window displays of Fortnum and Mason are seducing the passers-by and my shelves and drawers are filling up with gifts for family and friends. There is so much joy in receiving a well thought out gift and one that is wrapped thoughtfully too is even better.  I love wrapping gifts. Having chosen the most beautiful, this just had to be yours, i know you've wanted this, i knew you'd love it gift; wrapping it to make it tantalisingly oh my goodness what's inside?.... almost too pretty to open, knowing it makes that someone special feel all the more special for the effort put in.  Here's some of my favourite unique gift wrapping ideas that will add a little magic to all your gifts this year. Because the joy of giving is even better when it's all dressed up!

(above) pegs glitter and ornaments create a beautiful topping to a gift found here

fun use of craft materials found here

cut away shapes here

cinnamon baked decorations here

hand stamped reindeer with bright pom poms above here and tissue paper fun below

mini wreaths here

twigs and wool here

twine and twigs here

glitter dots plastic baubles and twine here

newspaper and berries here

wool and glue to make festive words here

tea towel gift wrapping for culinary treats here

simple twine and cut out shapes and polka dots make a big impact here

hand stamped brown paper here

repurposed puzzle pieces here

ink stamps and pom poms here

coloured gold stickers and golden stripes here

use textured wallpaper for a subtle and pretty feel here

pom poms and twine here

recycle napkin rings, broaches, hooks and stamps to create some unique gift wrap here

old jumpers recycled here

black paper and a white marker for your own hand designs here

sewn brown craft paper in pretty festive shapes here

keeping it fun and bright here

something for keeping busy here

recycle road maps, newspaper, comic strips and magazine pages for some fun gift wrapping here

knitted flowers and pom pom here

my favourite of all gift wrapping ideas I have ever found. Craft paper, black chalk, hairspray and a letter of love! A thoughtful gift wrapped in thoughts. Here

Find some wrap and ribbons and washi tape to make your own wrapped up wonder in our Christmas Decor collection here

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