Thursday, 30 January 2014

Once Upon a Mattress

And so the story is told, and retold again and again a story cherished for almost 180 years.  The tale of a prince in search of love. A real princess who appears at the gates of the palace one stormy night, tested by the queen who places a pea in the bed she is offered for the night. A pea hidden under 20 mattresses which only a true princess could possibly feel..... and does she feel it?
A story in which even the pea lives happily ever after. For the pea was placed in a museum and this is a true story.

Retelling the story of the princess and pea written by Hans Christian Andersen Maileg Dk have created a magnificent play set for a bunny princess and her prince and of course the most famous pea in the world. With a four poster bed piled high with the softest of mattresses in beautiful fabrics and a crochet pea to hide amongst them, children can rediscover this classic tale through play. The prettily detailed box opens to become the palace bedroom with its ornate chandelier, furnishings and flowers. Around the outside and hidden underneath you'll discover the tale told through images and words. Each little detail is utterly enchanting.
We have fallen head over heals with this imaginative narrative and judging by our own children's response we're not the only ones utterly enchanted.  

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Andrea Letterie

Every so often something magical happens, something unique and wonderful we almost burst with excitement. The collaboration between Rice DK and Dutch artist Andrea Letterie creates this very magic and has us cartwheeling into Spring with its blossoms of colour and enough quirky charm to please. Taking the wonderful work of Andrea Letterie and translating it into beautiful pieces for the home Rice DK make practical pretty and the pretty practical in a riotous fun and colourful way.

a note from Andrea Letterie (above) reads :

Everyday Life - That's the main theme in my work.  Whether it's a collection of teacups, built as a messy tower, my dog Bear or a large bunch of flowers picked from the garden....
Filled with colour and patterns.
I love to play with colour.
A painting should give you a happy feeling.
To me RICE is so full of colour and happiness, it's an honour that my designs are being used in their collection.
Andrea Letterie

We've fallen completely head over heals in love with this colourful collection created by Andrea Letterie and Rice DK. With illustrations of dahlias and dogs, rabbits and roses, vintage teacups and vases you'll discover pieces for your table, your picnics, your favourite spot on the sofa, your afternoon tea with friends and your walls.

See the collection here

Monday, 27 January 2014

I Want More

The Sale has moved to our Archive and in celebration of seasons we've enjoyed we're giving everyone an extra 10% off the sale price! With clothing and decor already up to 80% OFF grab yourself some beautiful pieces whilst stock lasts.
Take a look here and discover bobo choses, ilovegorgeous, hucklebones, Rice Dk, Little Duckling, Dandy Star, Waddler and more.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Pen to Paper

a note to say it all

So much of life is about communication and there's so many ways to send a message.  
Yet with all the technology within our grasp maybe we don't express nearly enough all those thoughts, wishes and stories. And where do they go once they are sent?

I still have an old trunk full of notes and letters, postcards and scribbles in journals. It physically shows a history. These letters are the treasures that will be dusted off and read in the future.  Yet, I haven't added to that trunk of written memories for many years and I haven't written a long letter to a friend for a decade.....and that makes me feel a bit sad.

On New Years Eve one of the wishes I made was to connect with friends more.  And to that I am now adding - connect with friends via the handwritten word. 

2014 can be a year of sharing a few words on paper that can make someones day. 

Don't do it by text or email.......instead, WRITE (yes, with a pen!) a note, a card and give someone something that can actually be felt and opened (without the need for a press of a button or swipe of a thumb.) 

I have been hunting for some cards to get me started with the return to letter writing. Firstly, some new letterpress notecards to send a note and tell someone how lovely they are.

This is the start of a whole new obesession.  
Stationery-aholics - please let me know where you find your fix!

And (in a whisper) who used to be a stamp collector?  I am revisiting my stamp collection and it really does still get me excited! Oh those images and patterns in miniature, the textures, the paper....


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A New Year

A new year. A new beginning. A new wish. 
Here's to a year in which all your wishes come true.
May you have a childlike trust in the benevolence of the universe.

“For to have faith, is to have wings" Peter Pan” 

pic source: here