Monday, 3 August 2015

The Unknown Mountain Journey

Autumn - Winter '15/16

 Bobo Choses Collection:

The Unknown Mountain Journey

"Once upon a time there was a clothing brand that spoke the language children speak”

Inspired by nature; its patterns, its colours, its shapes, The Unknown Mountain Journey has a graceful feel that seems to whisper the magic of the wild. 
Elegant colours go along with bold prints that reveal the secrets of the unknown mountain: talking horses, flocks of pointillist birds, crayon-coloured leaves, funny foxes, rubber-stamp forests and many more.

Handmade illustrations give the collection an attentive feel whilst the careful selection of colours; ochre, mustard, teal and navy hold the elements of natures surroundings giving the collection its earthly roots.  The unknown mountain journey instinctively feels like something familiar, something dear and wonderful. This is the magic of Bobo Choses. Cleverly reflecting the sky and the earth in a romantic capsule ready for the new seasons adventures.