Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Fall Winter 18/19 Polder Paris

Simply Natural Collection

Polder's Autumn Winter 18/19 draws on four themes each an unique expression of the elements, style, textures and tones of its influence and bound together by the beautifully assertive feminine Parisian style.

An early season theme: Simply Natural 

This capsule draws inspiration from the solar and rocky wide open spaces off the American Plains. It draws the outline of the natural woman. Assertive femininity unveils itself in finishings with 70's overtones, vintage style and contemporary basics. The palete plays with nude and white colours, enhanced by caramels, terracotta and sparkling lurex.

Strawberry Fields Forever Collection 

A British theme: Strawberry Fields Forever. This wardrobe capsule plays with the British rules, the colours are vivid, punctuated with strawberry pinks and a natural pop. The check patterns are reinterpreted to draw attention. Velvet is unveiled in unexpected colours. The look is beautifully boyish and arty. 

A falsely bourgeois them: Swinging Lady Jane

The streets of London inspire this capsule with a wardrobe of strong 80's shapes. Using fabrics reproduced from the dandy universe, oversized coats, belted high waisted pleats and retro-moderncuts. The materials are warm, with sophisticated prints, the silhouette is feminine  and assertive the colours are falsely classic....

A middle of winter theme : Cold Trip collection 

The Windy landscapes of Scotland and wild nature are at the origin of this middle of winter theme. The colours are mineral, punctuated with hints of ochre and gold. The knitting is elaborated and alpaca and mohair come in structured jumpers. 

The colours root themselves firmly in the season and celebrate the change in pace, our natural surroundings and a our ancestral values. The materials are precious, natural and luxurious. The shapes are minimalist and worked with a high standard for the cut. The range of tints is soberly colourful. Each collection reveals a palette of audacious and rich textures and colours. 

Polder offers an affordable designer wardrobe with a style that mixes minimalist spirit and bohemian touches, androgynous allure and relaxed femininity. The know-how of great Parisian houses and the authentic and uncluttered spirit of Northern countries can be found in the Polder collections and are celebrated each season. 

The first capsules have arrived and it's as beautiful as promised.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Holiday inspired Neutrals & Stripes

I can't wait to feel the sand between my toes and the sun upon my face. Our suitcases are ready to be packed and we've all got our favourite reads to take too. Passports at the ready and we're off for a week of adventures. The first taste of Summer is here.



Thursday, 19 April 2018

Tutu du Monde SS18 Finding Magic

The new collection from Tutu du Monde has arrived and it is as every bit magical as I remembered and have grown to expect and enjoy. Only each season I seem to fall deeper in love. Perhaps as I grow older I feel the pull towards the innocence of make believe the magic of every day and the gift it is to our children to be growing up in these times. Times, where it seems everything is possible and limitless and summers are endless and wild and wonderful. 

Andrea Remnecks unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality and craftsmanship lives in each piece of embroidery, every layer of tulle that transports the pieces in the collection to an other-worldy essence. They pieces are powerful and soft, fun and inspiring. Pieces for imaginative play, parties, flower girls alongside pieces with everyday cottons and light summer dresses. Each pieces is designed to be treasured, kept and handed down to the next sibling and next generation with memories and stories to pass alongside.

Andrea draws inspiration from the delicate, the divine, the vintage and whimsical, expressing her creativity with a contemporary spin and couturiers eye. The journey each beautiful items takes perfectly illustrates the love that is poured into them, from the design stage to their production. Tutu Du Monde's garments are created with love by a group of extremely talented people who are proud to be able to use the skills handed down to the them through their families. The exquisite beading you see on each dress takes an entire days meticulous work. Care is put into every stitch, hand crafted and hand dyed making each pieces truly unique.  

Is it no wonder then that each pieces feels so utterly wonderful to hold and to wear, as though its very stitches bind it to another world, a world steeped in the history of storybooks and fairytales and Hans Christian Andersons tales of virtue and resilience told and retold in poetry, plays and fairytales transformed into ballets. With so much of this magic becoming lost where fast fashion blinds the very essence of being a child, of imagination and creativity and believing in magic, we applaud those that do believe.

Discover the magic of Tutu Du Monde 

Friday, 16 March 2018

Hop this way

The perfect preparations for a happy Easter. Turning a lunch into a feast, a garden into a magical wonderland and a Sunday into silliness and celebration just requires a few tricks up your sleeve, or in this case the perfect party pieces and a beautifully curated foraging of free printables and easy crafts at the ready.

Here's some of our favourite finds that bring a touch of glopriumtousness helping to create a memorable Easter Sunday.

above image left to right:
Happy Easter Liberty print garland here
Easter egg hunt kit here
Mini bunny rabbit plates here
Mini bunny rabbit napkins here
Yellow striped straws with bunnies here
Mini bunny rabbit invitations here
Bunny printed balloons here
Mini bunny rabbit cups here
Bunny rabbit candles here
Yellow honeycomb decorations here 

For some fabulous free printables, crafts and ideas follow us down the rabbit hole with our favourite Easter rounds ups here and here and here

Have a wonderful weekend