Thursday, 3 October 2013

Free Wall Art

perhaps, no, absolutely my favourite free art printable I have ever found. Found here and a copy already sent to my favourite printers to enlarge ready to frame.

With an empty wall in the reading nook i've been on the search for some great free printable wall art whilst I toy with what might go there. These are the favourites free printable art i've found. 
Now no longer a blank wall waiting to be filled its full of inspiring and pretty images that we love. Put up with washi tape, we can change them and keep adding more. A few are already firm favourites and so are being framed, some have moved from one place to another and some have been made into note cards, but we love each and every one and hope you do too.

i love the colours and texture of these 6 feather images found here

1. here 2. here 3. here

as above here

I love the colour and grain of this precious stone found here

I love these 3 vintage circus animal prints. framed separately they'd make a great wall feature

all these (except no:6 - see below) and many many more can be found here though these are a little girly there's so many more to choose from.

 glass jar here

here's 6 more

I love this diamond graphic here 

and still more.......

...if you like typography try these fun and happy printables here
this 'i am loved' is so pretty here

Happy Printing!

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  1. I am pretty much in love with the feather images. I love their colours. It seems to bring joy and liveliness to your blank wall.