Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Celebration of Love

We are sisters who like to celebrate, any excuse and out comes the bunting, garlands, flowers, lanterns, balloons and the family box of bits and pieces to make a magical party setting.  Weddings for me are the ultimate celebration, as weddings are all about love.

The planning and sourcing of all the detail and decor is part of the joy. From the writing of the invitations to the making of each place setting.  With Weddings in mind we find...
Wish Boat Invitations, Paper Lanterns to hang or warp around jam jars, Honeycomb Paper Balls, Pom-Poms, Fabric Confetti, Paper Garlands and Flowers, Stars, Birds and Hearts.  Cake Stands, Candelabras and colourful plates. For the walls, chairs, tables, place settings and any place to adorn with something that expresses your dream for the day.

To dress the flower girls and young bridesmaids the collection of Tutu du Monde dresses and headbands bring a timeless and ethereal wave of the wand.

We will be showing our Wedding collection at the Mells Wedding Fair this weekend:
Sunday 20th October from 11am, at Mells Tithe Barn in Somerset.

Come along to the fair and you can also pop next door to the wonder that is Mells Walled Garden
Emma at This is Your Kingdom has just written about this special place

Happy Glowing Day

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