Monday, 9 October 2017

The Secret Garden

Sometimes the most magical place awaits behind a door we've yet to see. Adventures in places we can only imagine, until now. An invisible door that draws a boundary between one place and another; the everyday and the imagined, the story that we live each day and the stories that we read of others.

This Secret Garden; a collection of pieces that take the imaginer to their Neverland, a weave of fairytale fabrics and sequins that symbolise the ethereal, the mystic, the fairytale-esque dreams and bring it to the forefront of the wardrobe. Pieces that truly turn the wardrobe into another world, a world of possibilities and adventures.

Take a step into the wonderful world of Tutu du Monde, come play in the secret garden. Where dreams blossom, afternoons play alongside butterflies, sparrow song fills the sky and you'll float amongst the dandelion dream wishes.

Enter Secret Garden here


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