Thursday, 21 October 2010

Almost there - come peep through our door

Well, we’re days away from launching Sisters Guild - a place that celebrates childhood and home.

A project where two sisters, collaborate to bring something to inspire, to read, to invite your imagination to create, and above all to enjoy. Bringing together designers, illustrators and crafts people that we have fallen in love with, as mothers ourselves and would like to invite you to discover too.

Sisters Guild was an idea conceived last Christmas. A family get together with a glowing room full of family, chatter at the dinner table and children playing. Itching to do something creative, the seed of Sisters Guild was planted!

An idea that would bring together not just wonderful things for you, your children and your home, but also a place to come to for inspiration for your own creations. 
Sisters Guild is a boutique full of wonders and delight, things for dressing, decor and play. But its more than a boutique, it's a place to find something new,  a print, a recipe, a new creative idea, a place you've yet to discover, a new delight for your home, a gift for a new arrival, pieces for girls, pieces for boys, a treat for us grown up girls, or a vintage piece with echoes from your own childhood.

A home of enchanting creations, colour, shape, good design, print and pattern, soft sumptuous fabrics, adventure, starting new traditions, play and intrigue. It’s a celebration too, a celebration of others work, with blogs, galleries, wonderful places and more creators being discovered and shown. So, whilst you will be able to buy some wonderful pieces, we will also have some ideas on making your own and getting little ones involved.

This is where we hope to collaborate with others. We have always been amazed by the profusion of  ideas and activity online by bloggers, writers, makers and mothers sharing their creative wonders and finds.  We look forward to celebrating some of this creativity through Sisters Guild by inviting others to speak, share and inspire.

We hope you enjoy discovering along with us.  In the meantime to give you a taster of what you might discover let us sing the wonders we’ve discovered so far…

     Angels and bunnies and miniature tea-sets,
       Soft vintage fabrics, and princess and pea beds,
Bright candleabras that make your heart sing,
These are a few of our favourite things.

Heart cookie cutters and pink feather dresses,
Perfect for parties and playing chef messes,
A little bird bracelet with sparkley wings,
These are a few of our favourite things.

Little felt houses and bedroom wall stickers,
Christmas dressed pixies in little red knickers,
A piece for a princess a piece for a king,
These are a few of our favourite things.

Now the festive season is tip-toeing in - yes the mince pies are now filling the shops - you’ll also discover a collection of fabulous pieces to adorn your home, gifts for all ages, and pieces with which you can start your own family traditions this Christmas. With home-made ideas, recipes and activities too!

We will open our doors shortly to invite you to become part of Sisters Guild, where you can step inside and spark your imagination.


  1. Didn't think I could get more excited about your launch until I read this post. And very impressed with the Sisters Guild remix of Favourite Things!
    X Chloe

  2. Oooooh, how exciting. I really can't wait! Lesley