Thursday, 28 October 2010

The house that Momoll built

When my sister’s son showed an interest in dolls houses she searched to find one that didn’t have a pink roof. In other words she wanted to break away from the stereotype that boys shouldn’t ‘play house’.

My girls have this one by Momoll for a while so I was happy to reccomend it.

Although I've got two girlie girls, I wanted a house they could make their own stamp on and could be other things too. The minimalistic design invites your child to use their imagination, play with the 'playtower thing 3' is made from a child’s creation.
Ours is sometimes a garage, sometimes a hospital, sometimes a museum full of dinosaurs, where people come to camp at night with their torches. It can be used in so many ways because it is not limited to one environment and so always has an appeal no matter what the girls are playing with.

The house is made of multilayer birch plywood and you can choose to have tinted plexiglas screens  (shown above) or silkscreened plywood in different themes (picture below). It has a simple structure which can be assembled and disassembled easily which makes it even more fabulous if space is scarce.

Momoll translates to “yeah yeah” in Swiss German slang and thats exactly our reaction "yeah yeah" and "please". Momoll is a brand of beautiful wooden toys for kids, their collection includes play kitchens and various contemporary play houses and farms all with simple lines. The added bonus in the design is that the house can be used from all four sides, which is great as siblings and friends can join in too.

You can also buy the completely cool, seriously stylish furntiure set too. It's 'Vitra' in minature and we love it.

Yes, like all great design the price is a bit higher than alternative high street options, but you have a piece that is truly multi-functional, designed, developed and produced by hand. It looks pretty darn good too, and, lets face it the Swiss are pretty well known for their craftsmanship!

Alternatively if you don't want to splurge with a second mortgage, Plan Toys do a great wooden house with no girlie bits in sight.

If you don't believe toys should remain in their traditional stereotypical roles there are alternative ways to merge the two worlds together. Though Sophia will often hang a doll from the top of the skyscraper only to be rescued by a handsome knight...I guess there are some stereotypical games that I admit I do like the romance of! Perhaps I shall suggest that the princess rescues the prince instead.

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