Thursday, 11 November 2010

Clothkits nostalgia

We rejoiced when we discovered a couple of years ago that Clothkits had been revived, got very excited to discover vintage kits and new kits by some of our favourite designers, and then rejoiced again when we were able to stock them in Sisters Guild.

And... yipeee the stock has arrived!

See the Sisters Guild boutique for more details

Clothkits was such a memorable part of our childhood.  Clothkits just off Union St in Bath was the place to shop for creative mums, and we have to admit now that our mum was pretty cool in her day (even though there was a phase when we refused to stand next to her at the school bus-stop due to her bright pink lace up boots - oh, how I wish she still had them!). I loved going to that shop, surrounded by fabrics , patterns and prints - a visual treat for my childs' eyes.  I'm going to have to do a whole new blog post about memories of Bath as a kid - Moles cafe, Harvest with it's big red play pen, Walcot Street festival - makes me want to move back there. That's Clothkits nostalgia for you!

The Clothkits clothes our mum created during late night sewing sessions on the old Singer machine were just beautiful, the most memorable being the corduroy dresses,  one red, one purple, with hand printed nature patterns.  All 3 of us sisters wore them in turn (yes, there's 3 of us sisters - our lovely Zoe, the oldest sis will surely be getting involved at some stage!)  Our little brother had lots of stripey bright Clothkits jumpers too - from the readymade collection.  A few dresses remain, and Carla's girls are next in line to wear them.

We feel Kay Mawer has brought Clothkits into the 21st Century so perfectly and taken it to a stunning new level by involving artists and designers such as Rob Ryan, Mini Moderns, Jane Foster and People will always need plates.  Now the new generation of mums who love to make stuff can get some creative satisfaction from making a Clothkits piece, and there'll be a whole new trunk of treasured things to hand down and share.

To discover the Clothkits collection pop along to the Sisters Guild boutique here

We are digging around for some old photos and will post them here as soon as we've dusted them off.

Here, I found some!

Please leave your own Clothkits memories here.


  1. I just checked it on your shop and I love the
    "Rob Ryan House and Birds Papercut Design Kit by Clothkits"
    what pretty, just so much joy to look at!

    really want to see the old pictures!!!

  2. I am SO thrilled to discover that Clothkits has been reborn!
    Just a couple of weeks ago we were going through the box of Clothkit clothes I made for my 3 girls and have kept! My girls are now 30, 27 and 22.
    I also made 3 of the Cloth Kitty dolls, and loved making their tiny clothes :)
    Did you ever have the little padded jackets with a jungle animal print? It had lots of little stuffed animals to keep in little pockets on the jacket :)
    I'd love to pop some photos on here if I could work out how!