Sunday, 21 November 2010

Vinyl reverie

 I've just rediscovered the family vinyl collection.  I'm in a vinyl reverie.

When we were little there was a separate record player for the kids and a vinyl collection featuring Peter & the Wolf, the King & I soundtrack (Yul Bryner being one of those male figures we swooned over! )

The most memorable was the Beatrix Potter collection, with the charming voice of Vivien Leigh, dramatisation and songs.  Us sisters remember every word and still sing them today whenever we have family get togethers. (Carla being the singer in the family)  Mrs Tiggywinkle sings:

There is nothing in the word that's nicer,
I can happily guarantee,
Than a real hot strong cup of tea,

We spent a lot of time engrossed in stories and drama and in our shared bedroom we'd enter another world - with costumes, plays and dancing.  The act of putting a record on was so physical, so tactile, but visual too, with album covers that linger in the memory.

We borrowed from the grown-ups music collection too which opened up another world of music and stories in the form of folk, rock and blues.  We'd sit and appreciate an album as a whole, as a work of art.

So, it got me thinking about now, with our own children and how different it is.  I'm all for technology and convenience but it upsets me to think that my child won't grow up with the pleasure of vinyl.  I've wondering when to introduce vinyl to my 3 year old and allow him to handle the records, the player, the arm, and let him see in a more solid and visual way how music is made - imprinted on vinyl and played, literally, groove by groove.

I've had a look around for a small record player of his own.  There's some lovely vintage portable ones out there. Another thing on my 'seeking' list...I'll let you know what I find.

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What are your vinyl memories and do you still play your collection today?

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