Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Art of Living - Winter Wonderland

Every year we've put on warmest winter layers and headed off to Hyde Park in London to enjoy the delights of Winter Wonderland in the cold crisp evening air.
Approaching the park is exciting in itself, seeing the twinkling lights in the distance and then the rich spicy aromas floating through the air of delicious warm food feels instantly like Christmas. There is something quite special about being out with the children after dark. This is especially true when headed out for an evening of fun, frolics and food in the park once the sun has left the sky.

First on our things to do will be some ice skating. This year both the girls will be old enough to put on some blades and dance across the ice rink so there will be our very own version of skating on ice. Well, perhaps it'll be more of a cautious crawl with a few tumbles but to them it'll feel like dancing! I'll be well prepared for the falls and will be sure to take some extra clothing or better yet some waterproof bottoms.

There's a 50 minute performance by Zippo's Circus with trapeze artists, jugglers and acrobats I know this is where i'll want to sit and enjoy my hot chocolate and watch the girls faces light up with the thrill of it all. Once home I think the girls will try to replicate their performance just as they did after cirque de soleil and having said they'd like to join the circus we had weeks of balancing acts and dancing through hoops. We've had to buy stilts and a giant hoop for their enthusiastic acrobatics!

There's also Zippo's Circus Extreme with dare devil acts and what looks like a whole lot of flames and 'The Motorbike Globe of Death' this might be one that the dads and the boys will be thrilled to see. I think i'll have to avoid this one for fear that the girls won't follow the 'don't try this at home' rule.

Whilst I'm quite terrified when it comes to heights daddy and the girls are sure to want to soar 60 metres into the sky to get a beautiful birds eye view of the lights over London. I'll happily watch from the ground.......

or.....time for me to enjoy another hot chocolate! Unless 15 minutes is enough time to do a little shopping at the Angels Christmas Market. Yes, there's shopping too. You'll find an array of stalls with little nic nacs and some delightful wooden toys too.

There are lots of rides to enjoy from the traditional carousel to the more heart stopping stomach in the mouth ones. The carousel is surely the ultimate of all rides. Nostalgic and beautiful horses riding and rising up and down whilst the riders imagine they might really take off and gallop across the star lit park.

If you can get there before 5pm you may like to go and say hello to Father Christmas. He'll be waiting to hear your Christmas wishes between 10am and 6pm. He's been very busy over the past years and so we've not often had the chance to see the magical man himself but even knowing he's there and getting a glimpse of his deep red coat seems to be a thrill in itself despite not getting any closer.

When tummies start to rumble, and with the smell of so many delicious choices rumble they will, there's a host of places to grab a bite. With real log fires at the 'the house of st nicholas' live bands at the famous bavarian village or cosying up in a booth at the spiegel saloon, you'll find something that'll satisfy everyones belly.

There really is something for everyone, every age. Though its best enjoyed once the sun has set for those of you who turn into pumpkins the afternoon will be just as magical.

So, grab your hat, your scarfs and your warmest gloves and come and join in the fun. See you there....

I'll be the one hugging the hot chocolate gazing up at the big wheel... or if that's not me I'll be on my bum (a lot) on the ice rink!

images courtesy of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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