Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tell Us it's Tuesday: Lesley of Leilalou

It feels like a Christmasey 'Tell Us' this week as it's from the talented designer Lesley of Leilalou who is currently tucked away in the mountains of rural France - where somehow I imagine it's already snowing! I'm picturing a stack of logs at the ready, faces of dolls and angels at the window, a full larder and a Christmas feast planned. If we could magic ourselves there we would!   

It was over a year ago when we were planning Sisters Guild that we found the Leilalou dolls on Etsy - it was instant adoration and so began a growing collection of dolls in the boutique and a growing friendship with our 'sister' in France. It's a lovely feeling that Lesley was there from the very start and was full of enthusiasm when the doors of Sisters Guild opened! We exchange tales back and forth and are always excited to see the new Leilalou creations - there's now custom dolls and a screenprinted range.  Lesley taught herself screenprinting this year. I've got a feeling Lesley is a mama who can turn her hand to anything!

You can read more of the Leilalou story on the blog and see the exquisite Leilalou collection in the boutique - each doll is hand-made and unique with fine linen fabric and detailed embroidery. Many dolls are now in new homes, which is so exciting, but more will be arriving in the New Year. Otherwise do pop over to Leila Lou on Etsy.

Read more about the creative mama and maker behind Leilalou...

On waking the first 3 things I do are…turn on the computer, make a coffee, turn on “The Gruffalo”  (my son’s latest obsession) while I read my e-mails and check for orders.

If I had a superpower it would be…the power to heal.

If I could trade places for a day with someone it would be…A star of a Broadway show.

If someone wrote a story about me the title would be...Just do it.

When I was seven years old…We moved from a town in England to a tiny fishing village in the Scottish Highlands….It might as well have been the moon for a seven year old in the early 70’s.

If you open my fridge you will see...more vegetables than I have room for and more chocolate than I need.

My favourite view is…my children hugging each other or any view from any window in my house. I’m lucky enough to see both often.

The 3 things I will tell my children are…You can do anything, be anything, go anywhere if you really want it enough.

The song or musical piece for the theme tune of my life is…Queen “Don’t stop me now”

I used to... be a very busy chef. Now I just enjoy cooking.

My biggest guilty pleasures are… Rod Stewart and chocolate.

My wardrobe is… full of pre pregnancy clothes which no longer fit and are most definitely no longer fashionable.

Never have I ever… been happier.

My kids taught me… life really is too short.

Life is like a… book in the writing.  With the possibility of filling its pages with anything you want, but now and again, losing the plot.

My fondest memory of Christmas is...any of my childhood Christmases, they were all magical and I only hope I can recreate them for my own children.

My underwear drawer… is in shocking need of 500 pound spending on it.  (My husband says doubles as a parachute drawer-I think his credit card might be short 500 pound in the morning.)

I feel like running for the hills when….
the ironing has to be done. It’s like weeding, great satisfaction when it’s done followed by misery one week later when it needs to be done again.

On my teenage bedroom wall there was… Adam ant and Shakin Stevens. (The early 80’s had a lot to answer for).

Christmas isn't Christmas without...... children, “National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation” on the T.V, and your father asleep on the couch resting a half eaten mince pie on his belly.

Thank you Lesley.  I love that genuine vision of Christmas! And you are so right about life being a book in the writing.  Being a maker of fabric dolls it must feel like you stitch some magic into life too - with your dolls that fly off to new homes and are held by little hands across the world. Thank you for creating such treasures and we hope your talented hands have a rest for the Christmas holidays...and your birthday! Enjoy the family festivities. x

This is part of our new series of Tuesday blog posts where we ask you to tell us all. We wanted a fun way way to get to know the people behind the blogs and businesses we follow. We have more people lined up to reveal themselves and may be asking you too!

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