Friday, 5 July 2013

Happy Home

Happy Home - Everyday Magic for a Colourful Life

Happy Home is a visual treat celebrating the Rice ethos and a feast of colour with the words LIVE LOVE LAUGH at its heart. These three small words are the cornerstone of Rice Dk which like the companies name that comes from an essential basic item vital to survival, they are three great words to live by summing up what is important and what life is about.

This is the backbone of Rice DK, a colourful life made for living. This ethos carries through the beautifully curated and cleverly written book. With images from Charlottes own home and many more of all shapes and sizes from a contemporary Copenhagen apartment to a country retreat and covering every room in the house its full of endless inspiration, tricks, tips and advice on how to bring colour into your home. Whether colour is something you celebrate or something that scares you this is an explosion of ideas in hardback that will set your heart racing. But don't be fooled into thinking this is for the already colour happy if you prefer a more neutral palette the book is full of tips showing you can introduce little pops of colour too and still keep that neutral feel. It is the approachable, liveable and loveable style that makes this book such a great success capturing both the heart and a true passion for life, where every page says welcome.

From the first turn of the page you'll want to live in each room, to absorb the tips, craft ideas and advice showing how you too can achieve a home that provides such a strong feeling of warmth, of welcome, of happiness that can be lived everyday.  With a spirit of playfulness and fun and an infectious energy the book shoes how the basics of everyday life can be enlivened with your own personality, with colour and fun. With a if you've got it flaunt it attitude It'll have you jumping from your chair to rearrange your kitchen cupboards , to mix your antiques with bold contemporary touches, to play with colour and pictures on walls or simply adding a colourful throw to a bed that will add a new vibrant perspective to the room.

Clever combinations and serene styling fill the chapters, each dedicated to a different area of the home with living spaces, kitchens and dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, children's rooms and even outdoor areas all given the Rice treatment. Encouraging the home to reflect what you love, who you are and how you live your life Charlotte gives something with this book that many can. Approaching colour in her fearless fashion Charlottes path of decor is infectious. Turning the ordinary to magic.

Creating influential home wares since 1998, with their ethically sourced collections now world renown I can think of no one better tha Rice DK with its magic and colour, to bring to the world of interiors a book on how to grasp some of that magic for yourself.

"Sprinkle a little everyday magic throughout your home. You will be surprised by the positive impact."
 - Charlotte

Happy decorating

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